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Rawalpindi Mein Chudai

i m ali from rawalpindi..i m 20 years old with a 5.8 height... i have an athletic body
i was in the habit of going to my parents place in Mysore on the second friday of every month and returning on the night of sunday. Due to the fact that it was a night journey and at that time buses from mysore to shimoga were very few, there was a lot of rush in the bus, which used to fill up to standing capacity also.

Once i was sitting in the aisle seat of a two seat and the bus was very crowded. You might appreciate the fact that the bus was traveling late in the night and all the lights in the bus were put off. All the passengers were very sleepy and were trying to sleep. It was only after some time that i realized that on my side was a young girl who later i learnt was about 20 years was sitting on a vip suitcase and leaning onto the bar of the seat in front of me. I was also leaning onto the bar and during sleep, when she accidentally fell against my hand, i realized that it was a girl. Due to the darkness i could not make out any other thing, but could only see her hair which was lit up by a passing vehicle. Sometime after 1.00 am i woke up to felt her weight on my hands and found that she was also leaning against the bar of the seat in front like me.

Now i was a bachelor then and this small contact was enough for my cock to show some sign of life, but i wanted to be very careful. She was wearing a long blouse and skirt (pavada) and looked okay enough in the dark. (i suppose all girls look okay in the dark). My naughty hands seem to have a life of their own. She was sitting on a suitcase and bending forward to rest her head on her hands which were put on the bar in front of me. I first confirmed that she was sleeping, by lightly patting her hand and then i let my right hand to slowly creep between the seat and lightly brushed against her breasts over the blouse. I got no reaction for some time and this encouraged me to cup her left breast which was nearest to me. It was a long time since the bengali lady and i was very much excited. I slowly squeezed the left breast and then turned my attention to the right one and repeated the squeezing. I was now bold and thought that she was liking it and therefore is remaining still. I could feel her bra through the blouse and found that the breasts were very firm and it was very exciting. I tried to tease the nipple and could feel them respond and get hard. I continued doing this for some time and then suddenly she got up and looked at me.

My heart started beating out of fear as to what might happen, but suddenly she returned back to her earlier position. I took it as a sign that she was appreciative of what happened and then immediately put my hand back where it was. She remained still and lightly pressed her breast to my hand. I was transported to heaven !! I kept on kneading both the breasts and then started to explore lower. I ran my hand over the dress onto her stomach, waist and thighs, but intentionally did not put my hand on her pussy region. In order to be comfortable i opened up my legs on the seat and pulled her suitcase between my legs. Now she was literally sitting between my legs and therefore access to all her body was mine for the taking. We had not spoken a word till then and after running my hands over her body for some time, i leaned across and kissed the nape of her neck, and was able to whisper to her, in english “shall we get down at the next stop ?” She once more turned back and looked at me carefully for some time and gave a short nod. We got down in a place called tarikere on the way to shimoga and went to a lodge. Tarikere is a place where you get down to go to chickmagalur and other places and there is always a floating population there. I do not recall having spoken to her properly at all till we reached a lodge and took a room. The hotelwala asked who she was and i told him that she was my sister who has got a job in chickmagalur and is going there for an interview the next day and since there were no buses at that time of the night, we had no option but to take a lodge.

He accepted and we were given a room. I was tense with anticipation. As soon as we reached the lodge and i was very quick to bolt the door, i caught hold of her and turned her towards me and started kissing her all over her face and finally caught her lips with mine. She was not experienced and did not know enough to open her mouth for a kiss. I gently released her lips and asked her to open her mouth. No words passed between us till then. I did not even know her name. She allowed herself to be guided by me for the kiss and opened her sweet mouth. I was lost in the sensation of kissing and so was she. Initially only her mouth was meeting me and after sometime perhaps due to the sensation of kissing her breasts were meeting my chest and then slowly she leaned fully against me by pressing her waist against me. She could then feel my cock straining against the pants that i wore. I then proceeded to put off the light of the room, totally and then guided her to the bed where i slowly started removing her blouse, button by button. It was a very heady experience and she was slowly saying no no!! But it was not with any sound but whispered. I did not care and was able to remove all the buttons and buried my mouth in between the crack of the breasts and inhaled deeply. What an experience ! I could literally feel the goose bumps rising on the valley of her breasts and this excited me. I slowly rubbed my mouth across the breasts and then proceeded to kiss her navel and knead the breasts at the same time.

She has on a bra and i could feel that she had quite good breasts. I pulled her on top of me and removed her blouse fully. Slowly while kissing her navel, i put my hand on the nada (thread) of the pavada and pulled it. It came undone and i found another pavada(cotton) underneath. I succeded in removing the nada of this also and then while continuing to kiss her all over, and rolling her succeeded in sliding the pavadas down her thighs and then used my legs to fully slide them down her legs. Now she was in her panty and bra only. I could see the shape of her body by the dim light of a street light and it only increased my excitement. Though she was in a semi-nude state, i was still fully clothed and could not expect a new girl to remove my clothes. While maintaining the kissing i slowly started removing first my shirt and then the pant. She was shivering and was not at all participating. I realized then that it was the first time for her and therefore started talking to her in english, while still maintaining my kissing her all over her body. When she started to talk back to me, though hesitantly, i could make out by her accent that she was a malayalee. Though i was also a malayalee, i was careful enough not to talk to her in malayalam and continued my work. Slowly i took her hand and placed it on my bulging cock over the underwear. She lightly touched it without realizing what it was and suddenly removed her hand on finding something strange perhaps. I persisted in placing her hand on my cock and letting it remain there. Now i was slowly embracing her with an intent to remove the bra hooks, but found no hooks in the back ! This was new to me and i asked her, where they were.

She replied that the hook was in the front, and then i put my hand but was unable to remove the hook. She helped me to remove it and then i found the mounds of pleasure. I buried my face in her sweet breasts and as soon as i started putting my hand on them could make out some reaction from her. I placed the nipples in my mouth and found them hard like grapes. I enjoyed them for some time and then slowly let my hand creep to her panties. I slowly started sliding them beyond her heavenly buttocks. She tried to half-heartedly prevent me from sliding the panties down, but i was not in a position to listen. I removed them using my legs to slide them beyond her legs and thrust them aside. Now she was totally naked in my arms and then i whispered to her that now can we have fun. There was no response from her, but she did not move away from me. I took this as acceptance and moved further. First i myself removed my underwear and gave her my bursting cock in her hand and showed her by signs that she is to move her hand over it. She was doing as i directed and it was a great feeling. She whispered to me that it was the first time for her and asked me to be gentle. I had a virgin in my hands !! I assured her of all my discretion and slowly slid my hands over her body and in between her legs. She had kept her legs together and would not let me access her pussy. I whispered to her to place her legs on my body and pulled one of her legs onto my stomach. This enabled me to access her pussy by hand. Slowly i rubbed the outer lips of her pussy and found that it was very lightly wet. I inserted my finger into it and tickled the clit. A sudden reaction ! I found that the vagina was slightly dry and used some saliva to make it more wet. I kept on using my fingers on the clit and g spot till she was quite wet and then i told her that i was coming over her. I place her below me and kissed her gently and sat between her legs. She had no option but to open her legs. Keeping my legs wide so as to further widen her legs i placed my swollen cock in the entrance to heaven and lightly pushed it in. It slid in only about 1.5 inches and stopped. I was ready by this time and had my mouth on her mouth so that she could not cry out. I found a few tears in her eyes. I whispered to her that since this is the first time, there will be a little pain and afterwards it would be alright. Without waiting for a reply i pushed it in further while still kissing her on the mouth. It went in a little more inside. The third try i pushed in hard and the entire length went in plop! I was in heaven ! My cock was gripped in her pussy very right and it was a great feeling. I did not move for a minute and then removed my mouth from hers and then told her that from now on there will be no pain and only good feelings. I slowly started moving against her. After about 10 times she started responding to my thrusts and perhaps started to enjoy it. I went on for about 10 minutes and then exploded into her. Great ! I was exhausted and lay back pulling her onto me. She just lay there also exhausted. After some time we got up and i took her in for a bath. She said she would bathe herself, but i insisted and told her that to familiarize her with my body and to familiarize myself with hers we should bathe together since when we have sex we do not use lights. She agreed and we had a bathe. It was only the next morning when having breakfast i thought about the pregnancy aspect. I went to the neighbouring medical store and asked for the emergency contraceptive tablets and got a few and asked her to take it. After talking for a time, she told me that she was studying to be a nurse at a hospital in shimoga. I then told her that i was also a malayalee and was staying in shimoga on work. Till the completion of her training at shimoga she used to stay with me in my room in my lodge at shimoga(engaged on monthly basis) for about at least 4 nights in a week. I had arranged for her to take contraceptive tablets regularly and therefore there was no problem. Now she has been married and so have i. She now works at a hospital in lahore and when i go there, just to meet her, she still comes to my hotel for an encounter, but we have to be very careful now since both of us are married.
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