Friday, 12 September 2008

Sweet business trip

Hi to readers... This is true story... N its all secret.. When i first had to interview rashmi for a job in my office i found it difficult not to just hire her based on her looks. She had a stunningly beautiful face with bright green eyes and short brown hair. What really did it for me was her smile which was both friendly and sexy at the
same time, like she thinking something dirty but was keeping it a secret. On top of all that she was smart and perfectly qualified for the position so hiring her did not take much thought at all…she was easy and fun to work with and we quickly established a very good working relationship and friendship. Rashmi’s position was a project manager in which she worked with our customers setting up complicated computer systems. Our company had customers all around the world which meant she had to do a fair amount of traveling. As her boss, i was lucky enough to have to join her on trips from time to time. The first time we had to visit a client that required us to fly together was when our relationship took a completely different turn. We had already worked together for 6 months and despite being attracted to her nothing every happened between us to make me think we would ever be more than co-workers and friends. I met up with her at the gate in the airport and was breathless when i saw how hot she looked. She may have just been wearing a standard black business suit, but rashmi made it look fantastic. Under her jacket she was wearing a tight white blouse that nicely accentuated her b cup breasts. Her skirt was a little bit tight and short, not enough that it was inappropriate, but enough to keep my eyes glued to her perfect heart shaped ass any time i was behind her. However, it was her legs that turned me on the most. She had on the typical nude stockings making her long, nicely shaped calves and ankles look so soft.

It was difficult not to be starting at her body as we talked waiting for our flight to start boarding. When we got on the plane i immediately sensed something was wrong by the look on her face. "i hate flying" she said in a small nervous voice. When i told her it wasn't anything to be afraid of she interrupted me, "you don't understand, i really hate flying." i quickly was able to distract her but i could see she was shaken by the fact we were on a plane. I did a good job of keeping her mind off things right up until the engines started to rev up getting ready for takeoff. As the noise grew she reached down and grabbed my hand tightly. I was surprised by this, but i couldn't help but be a little turned on by this sexy woman looking to me for comfort. As the plane started to roll her grip tightened and she reached over with her other hand and grabbed my arm. Trying to help, i looked her in the eyes and told her not to worry about anything and that nothing bad was going to happen. I was not even a foot away from her face and was breathing in her seductive perfume with every breath. I had a tremendous urge to lean just a little bit closer, put my lips to hers and kiss her deeply, but somehow i resisted. As the plane lifted off the ground there was a slight bump which shifted her body right up against mine. Rashmi held me tight as the plane pitched up and took to the air and i could feel her breast against my arm. I was starting to get hard and was practically praying that she wouldn't notice the growing bulge in my pants. For the next couple of minutes i just kept talking to her, keeping her lovely eyes on mine, so close i could kiss her. As the plane slowly eased out of the steep climb and the engine noise started to dim, her grip on me loosened and then she let go. She shifted back into the middle of her chair, and i could sense she was embarrassed. Rashmi then pulled a magazine out of the chair pocket and pretty much stayed to herself for the rest of the flight despite my numerous attempts to talk to her. Much of the same thing happened two hours later as we started our descent to land, but this time her hand grabbed my leg instead. There was a little turbulence and the plane rocked a little bit with rashmi letting out a cute whimper as it happened. Then as we got close to the ground she buried her face into my shoulder and reached her arm across my body hugging me. I could feel her rapid, warm breath against my neck and i rubbed her shoulder to try to comfort her. My dick was so hard at this point i do not know how she didn't see it trying to escape my pants. Because of the way she was turned her skirt was hiked up a bit exposing much of her thigh. I was starting at her legs, wanting so much to reach down and caress them as the wheels hit the ground and the plane shuttered with a thump. Her body moved against me once more, this time her lips pressed to my neck for just a moment before she pulled back. As the plane slowed down to taxi she sat back in her seat, this time looking even more embarrassed. Like when we took off, rashmi didn't say much to me as we got off the plane and made our way to get a taxi to see our client. The cab ride to the office and the meeting were fairly uneventful, except for me checking out rashmi’s body every chance i got. She carried herself so confidently which was such as contrast to how she was on the plane, and it got me going even more. The conference room we were in had a white board that rashmi,s had to write on a number of times, giving me perfect glimpses of her sexy legs and ass. At one point in the meeting i must have been daydreaming about her when i realized everyone was looking at me expecting a response. I quickly said ‘sure, i think that makes sense,' which seemed to satisfy the group, except for kim who kept her eyes on me just a little bit longer than everyone else with a coy smile. The meeting was a success and rashmi and i got a cab back to our hotel we were staying at for the night. After checking in we decided to meet in 15 minutes at the hotel bar and then we would go out for a bite to eat.

The whole time i was up in my room putting my stuff away i couldn't stop thinking of kim and how nice she felt against my body. I kept trying to think rationally; after all we were both married and had worked with each other for months now without anything even coming close to happening. Despite all of that, i just kept thinking how nice it would be spending the night with her doing more than just work. I took the elevator down to the lobby and walked into the bar a couple of minutes early but found rashmi already sitting there with a half empty glass of wine. She was still in her business suit sitting on a bar stool looking as sexy as before. I took a seat next to her and ordered a glass for myself as she explained how her room wasn't ready yet so they took her bags and told her to check back at the desk in 30 minutes. Then before i could say anything she put her arm around me. "look, i'm really sorry about the flight. I have never been comfortable flying. You were so sweet and helped me out a lot on the plane. Thank you, and i hope you aren't upset that i was holding on to you like that" i was actually speechless for a moment, again her green eyes had captivated me, but i recovered and decided to go for it. With a goofy smile i responded, "that's not a problem so don't worry about it. It isn't every day that a beautiful woman holds on to you close like that. Just let me know the next time you want to fly and i'll be there for you." our eyes were now locked and she bit her bottom lip unsuccessfully trying to conceal a smile. Slowly she moved slightly closer to me, seeing if i was thinking what she was thinking. I moved closer to her, hesitantly at first, but then more sure of myself. Our lips met and then slightly parted, letting our tongues touch for just an instant while she pulled me closer to her. Our first kiss lasted for just a couple of seconds and we separated, both of us with intriguing smiles on our faces. I guess i didn't hide the surprised look on my face very well immediately started apologizing. "i'm so sorry, i shouldn't have done that. It's just that i thought that is what you wanted. You see, bill and i have been... " now it was my turn to interrupt her. "look, don't be sorry. It is what i wanted. I've been thinking about kissing you and being with you since you started, i just never thought it would really happen." i then put my hands on her thigh, leaned over and kissed her again, this time longer and deeper. I caressed the top of her leg, softly squeezing it as our tongues briefly met. As we ended our kiss, rashmi slid off her bar stool to the floor sporting that sexy smile i had become infatuated with. She took my hand beckoning to walk back towards the lobby. As we got near the elevator she asked, "i take it there were no problems with your room?" i told her my room was just fine as the doors opened and we got in. It wasn't 2 seconds after pushing the button to my floor that we were locked in a tight embrace kissing each other deeply. I found her taste and smell amazing while our tongues were dancing in each other mouths. Kim's arms wrapped around me and pulled me against her. Her breasts were pushed against my chest while her hands moved up and down my back. It took a moment for us to realize the "ding" meant we had arrived on my floor. Now it was my turn to lead her by the hand down the hallway to my room. We were silent but looking at each other hungrily as i opened the door and lead her inside. As the door closed we were once again embraced tightly, kissing each other with both passion and lust. Kim started to show her self confidence, grinding against my rock hard dick. My hands her grabbing her firm ass, helping her push her crotch against me. I moved my hands to her hips and held them tightly, pulling her against me. "ohhh, jim," she purred. "i know this is wrong but i just can't stop it." i had no intentions of stopping either while i eased her out of her business jacket and started to stroke her breasts.

I could feel the lace in her bra through her blouse and she softly moaned, beckoning me to continue exploring her body. I started to unbutton her shirt when her hand reached up to mine and she took a step back. For a second i thought she was going to stop everything, but luckily i was wrong. She directed my body, turning me and backing me up to the bed. When the bottoms of my legs hit the mattress she softly had me sit, and then lay down on top of the comforter. She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss with a smile, and then move down my body. As she rubbed my dick through my pants i groaned. Our eyes were locked as she stood over me with one hand rubbing me and the other unbuckling my belt. After the belt she used both hands to undo my pants button. I kicked off my shoes and lifted my butt in the air as she pulled my pants down and off. Both of rashmi’s hands moved up my legs until they reached my dick that was pointing straight up. With one hand she lightly took hold of my shaft and moved her face towards it. She opened her mouth and teasingly licked the top of my head. I moaned again as she started to circle my dick with her tongue, pushing more firmly each time around. She then lowered her lips and put just the tip of my dick in her mouth while her tongue worked down on the shaft. "that feels so amazing," i told her as she started to bob her head slightly with just the first inch of my rod sliding repeatedly into her wet mouth. With her hand she started to caress my balls causing me to strain and expand my dick even more. She knew i wanted her to go down completely on me but she was taking her time, purposely teasing me. Her pace started to quicken still just moving up and down on my head. Her mouth was perfectly wet and warm rashmi then brushed her hair back to one side and i saw her look up at me with a quick glance as she forced herself further down on my dick. I was holding back my orgasm as she enthusiastically took my entire cock in and out of her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. She was playing with my balls more firmly and i finally couldn't hold back any more. I moaned loudly as i started to cum while she sucked harder than before. While i gripped the sheets next to me tightly i exclaimed .. My entire body shook as the waves of my orgasm flowed through me with rashmi taking it all in. As the last feelings of bliss started to waver off, rashmi got up on the bed and moved right beside me. She slowly started to kiss my neck and then moving to nibble on my ear. I rolled towards her bringing our lips together again. She tasted so fantastic, i could not get enough of her and i wanted to taste more than just her mouth. I finished unbuttoning her shirt and rubbed her tits still in a sexy, white lacy bra. I unfastened it and my fingers found her hard nipples and softly teased them. Her breasts were wonderfully soft while her nipples were tight and firm. Rashmi was pressing her crotch against me hard moaning as we kissed deeper. I rolled over on top of rashmi, having her lay flat on her back. I moved my mouth slowly from her lips down to her neck. I found her perfume intoxicating as my mouth and tongue worked down towards her tits. I took one nipple gently into my mouth lightly brushing my tongue against it. She arched her back slightly while breathing deep enticing me to continue to explore her body. I brought my hands to her sides and just underneath her and massaged her back for a moment as i kissed her breasts and then worked my way slowly towards her stomach.

I passed her belly button and then unfastened the button on her skirt. She lifted her knees up while i pulled her skirt down to her thighs and then off her fantastic legs. My hands found her thighs and once again i massaged her toned muscles. The feeling of her pantyhose was driving me crazy, i was already starting to get hard again. I didn't want to remove my hands from her legs but i also needed to continue to undress her. I reached for her hips and as she lifted her ass i pulled her pantyhose down. Her legs looked so hot as i took my time pulling her nylon down the length of them. I finally reached her feet and threw the hose onto the floor. My lips had to meet her flesh again and i started to kiss her legs and made my way to her knees. Rashmi then opened up her legs as i found the inside of her thigh with my tongue, moving up closer to her pussy with each kiss. When i finally got to the top i lightly circled my tongue around her pussy. Rashmi moaned as i teased her clit slightly, and then parted her lips gently with my tongue. I could taste her wetness as i repeatedly circled her hole and would just barely touch her clit at the top. I could tell she was getting impatient as she started to anticipate my moves and trying to grind herself against my tongue to get past my teasing. I finally paid more attention to her button, tenderly licking it. "ohhhhhh," she exclaimed when i started pressing my tongue more firmly against her. As i licked faster her breathing got heavier. "don't stop doing that," she told me and then moaned as i put the tips of my two fingers into her cunt. I moved it in and out of her slightly and then a little deeper each time. Rashmi started to move her hips, matching the motion of my fingers and pushing herself deeper onto them each time. I could feel her body start to tense as her moaning got louder. "oh! Oh! Oh yess!," she started to say when i pushed inside of her hard and lashed at her clit with my tongue. She moaned louder than before when she started to cum. I could feel her cunt spasm around my finger and the muscles in her body all tightened. "my god that is so good!" she yelled, her back arched wanted as much of me against her hard clit and in her pussy. Her whole body shuttered three more times and then collapsed back down to the bed. I removed my fingers from her and kissed her sweet pussy one last time. I looked into rashmi's eyes as i moved back up, getting in between her legs. She had an amazing smile on her face when she reached out to me grabbing me firm and bringing me to her. I could not wait to get my dick inside of her and to make love to her.

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