Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Renu Ki Behan

Hi Ashish here this is a story with Renu's younger sister Resh(short name).This was happened two days after sex with Renu. Renu is more beautiful than Resh. But Resh breasts is more bigger than Renu's and her ass is like mountain.

Resh always comes to my house to chat with me. And to check her inbox. That day she asked me what is in between her sister Renu and me I said nothing Then she said Renu told her all incidents happened before two days.On That day there were nobody in my house my mother went to my aunt house And will return evening and my father went for his work.

Resh said she actually came to my house to have sex with me. I can't believe her words and I don't except this from her. Then I asked Resh who she happened to know about the former incident with Renu. She answered they both used to do sexual activities every night as they share single room Renu told her about the whole incident..

Resh also have a boyfriend but he didn't make her complete.......

Then without wasting the time we started the game. I started to kiss Resh immediately her tongue was down my throat. Then slowly I unbuttoned Resh shirt and was leased to find that she was wearing a black Bra my favorite color . I asked Resh if her panties matched her bar and to my delight she replied that she wasn't wearing any!

I suck my tongue in her ear and whispered how much I wanted to lick her pussy. She moaned and smiled a little. I took Resh's Shirt off and fkicked my tongue over her nipple a couple of times. I worked my way down her frim , flat stomach and stopped at her navel for a while. Next I unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them. Her public hair was black and nicely trimmed. I moaned and nuzzled her thighs. She moved around so that I was between her legs. I reached up for a pillow and slid under her ass, teling her that I wanted to do a good job for her. She moaned and said that I was off to a good start. She was wet and ready I nibbled a little around the edges, then dove right in making long, upwards strockes with my tongue. She gasped loudly and put both hands on my head, spreading her legs as wide as they could go. I tongued her as deeply as I could, probing between her pussy lips. I found her clit and treated it to short, light rhythmic licks. Resh started moving her lips in time with me and moaning "Oh yes Oh yes."

Finally I knew she was going to come. She clamped her legs around my head and pushed her crotch hard against my face. In grabbed her legs and tries to keep licking her, but it was difficult with her thrashing around . Finally she collapsed, sighed with pleasure and ran her fingers through my hair. I moved up beside her and she turned to kiss me. Then she started licking her juices off my face.

I had my clothes on throughout all of this. I now asked her if I could take them off. She said yes warned me that she couldn't go all the way with me because she didn't know me well. I took off my shirt and slid off my mudu. I asked her if I could rub up against her ass and she said yes. We lay on our sides with me behind her and I kind od slid my cock between the cheeks of her ass abd rubbed back and forth.

Resh ass felt great, but I needed something more. I asked her if she would go down on me. She said she didn't feel comfortable enough so instead she reached around, grabbed my stiff prick and started giving me a hand job. She worked my cock up and down while looking at me and asking if it feel good. I said it felt good and told her she was beautiful tand her Sister Renu and sexy and fucky. She thanked me and look down at my cock. Them she surprised me by putting it in her mouth. I sighed and told her how good it felt to have my cock in her mouth. With one hand she grabbed the base of the cock and with the other she grabbed my balls. She really knew how to give head.i looked down at Resh and she looked great. I whispered thet I was about to come, but she didn't pull away. Finally I thrust my cock all the way in her mouth and exploded. I held it there as she kept sucking. After a while she looked up at me and I saw the come oozing out of her mouth as she sucked on my softening cock.

After all that, the final and main working next means it is time for my dick to enter her pussy. I slowly pushed my tool inside it is lose. she said don't worry it is the first time a Dick entering her. Then asked Resh why her pussy is lose she said it is her sisters make it lose with her artificial tool means wood. Then she said leave it and makes her in heaven. I fucked her for minutes till the climax.

With Resh I continued when ever we get chances and still we are continuing. I also got a chance to play with both together.

Girls who r interested to play with me and want my tool deep inside your mouth and pussy mail

plz also let me know ur comments

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