Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bhai Ke Dost Ke Sath Aik Raat

This is Uzma Syed from Mumbai. Let me introduce myself to you all. I am an ardent reader of ISS and have really enjoyed reading the xxx section and always wanted to share my experiences too. I am currently married to Ameer and have 2 children , Farukh and Sahana. Since this is my first attempt to write about my
experience there may be some mistakes.. Request you all to kindly forgive me in that case. As told earlier,I have been enjoying sex for past 15 -20 years ofcourse with many people including my son Farukh but I would always cherish one golden moment in my life when i had my first sex with my own elder Brother's friend Salman.It was around some 20 years before when I was around 16 years old and was doing my 12th. Our family was small family of Abba jaan, ammi jaan , me and Salman.

Now about my Brother's friend , My Brother's friend is a strong built man but due to some bad companions my Brother's friend got addicted to drinks and he used to drink without any control. That day my ammi and abba jaan had gone to our relatives nikka . I was in house only since it was exam time and we were given few days off before the actual exam started.It must been sometime around 2 PM , Salman was not in home . I had prepard lunch for him and hence gave a call on his mobile to ask whether he would come to home for lunch , but my Brother's friend salman was rude over the phone.Now though I was angry I was sure that my Brother's friend was out of sense and hence beahnved rudely over the phone. I had my lunch and went to my room for short sleep. I woke up somewhere around 4pm due to some sound that was coming from salman' room. I walked up to his room, Salman must have been intoxicated. He was standing in toilet trying to pee. Just then I had the glimpse of something yes, my Brother's friend salman took his big lund out and was peeing with it. I was shocked since that was the first time i had seen a penis that much long and that too it was circumcised as it is a custom in our religion. I was feeling horny and wanted to have that big thing serve my all holes but something stopped me to take it up further. It was mixed feeling , feeling of both having sex and not having it since the other person was my own Brother's friend. I ran back to my room just to lay and finger fuck myself. I relaxed only after having orgasm for 2-3 times. By that time , I had decided that I would have my first sex with my Brother's friend Salman. Just then I received a call from Abba Jaan that they would be staying back at relatives after the nikka. I was thrilled now . I was now mentally prepared to have my sex with salman that day at any cost.

I also wanted to give my Brother's friend good treat too and hence prepared his favourite chicken dishes for night. He must now be knowing that he is going to be my treat that night. It must have been some 8:30 PM, My Brother's friend woke up as if nothing has happened to him. I asked him to have his bath and have his favourite chicken dishes for his dinner. Salman was ready for dinner by 9 PM and I was in my churidar by that time. Salman sat on the dining table , I started serving him food, Salman relished his food and gave good comments on my cooking but i pretended not to show any expression. Salman must have been disturbed by the fact that I was not responding to his praises. He asked me what happened. I told that I was really feeling bad for his behaviour over the phone and that I cried because of it. He should not be rude to his younger sistr and he should take care of his sistrparticularly when our parents were not around. I only know what the real meaning of this sentence was. My Brother's friend told "Uzma I am really sorry , you just got me in wrong mood and thats why I was rude with you" and I told

Bhai Jaan , I do accept it but you should not be drunk so much that u end up in showing your privates to your own little sistr...

Salman : What ? Kya bol rahi ho... Mein kab kiya..

I replied that "bhai Jaan you were so drunk that U just undid ur zipper before ur sistr and started peeing."
I think I will have to tell this abba jaan / ammi jaan once they return from nikka.

My Brother's friend was shocked and was speechless. I took the control of entire situation and started potraying him that he delibrately showed up his privates knowing that I was there.
With this , I pretended to cry , salman was confused , he did not know what to do and started pleading to me not to tell anything of this sort to abba / ammi jaan.
He tried to console me by hugging me but I just pushed him and ran crying to my room (once I laid on my bed , I made sure that one of my boobs hang out of my dress and when blanket is removed the same is visible. ).My Brother's friend came behind me only to find me on my bed covered with blanket.My Brother's friend tried to convince me and hence was trying to pull the blanket and speak to me. He would have not realised what he had just that time, yes when he pulled my blanket , I was there wiht one of my boob hanging out of my dress. My Brother's friend would have thought he has moved my tops by mistake but that was my plan.
I shouted Salman , What are you doing now... You should not be doing this to your sistawr ...

Salman : Uzma ... Sorry sorry I did not do that wantedly.

Me : Salman, Do not act crazy ... You are crossing your own limits and I would defintely tell this to ammi jaan ... U have become a rogue..

Salman : Uzma , god promise, I did not try to see your boob , It was just a mistake.

Me : Bhai jaan , if that was a mistake .. U need to prove it..
Salman : Uzma , tell me how to prove it...

Me: Come here near me , my Brother's friend came near me..

Before he could realise , I touched his penis and told
Bhai jaan , aap ganda mood mein nahi to aapka kaise kada hotha..( Brother's friend , If you did not have any intention to see me naked , then how is your cock so rock hard)

Salman: ... Woh woh woh ... Uzma... Waisa nahi are thinking wrong..

Me: bhai jaan then u tell me the reason why you have a hard on.. ( who would not have an hardon on seeing a cute little boob, I was sure that the very sight my boob would have aroused my Brother's friend and now had easy way to satisfy my needs)
Salman : Woh... Uzma , tell me what u want me to do now... I am pissed off now.

Me: U complete what you started bhai jaan...

Telling this , I rose from the bed and took his hand and placed it on my boob, my Brother's friend's hand was shivering . I took my right hand and grabbed his fullthing along with the bermudas... My Brother's friend was trembling...and was speechless. I told Bhai jaan , if you do whatever i say i will not tell abba jaan of whatever u have done to me.. With that , I undressed and stoodhalf naked , and also was feeling his dick dancing in joy.. I asked him to suck my boob, Bhai jaan must be a big boob sucker , he sucked it till I was hard, but that time , I had removed his bermudas and there swung his penis like a big coconut tree swaying in breeeze... I started stroking his member and my bhai jaan started to moan loud now. I pushed him on bed and moved over him rubbing my body against him. I told my bhai jaan to undress me completely which he did it, now both my Brother's friend and me were naked on bed ,I asked my bhai jaan to spread his leg and took his dick in my mouth and started rolling my tongue around that qutub minar... My Brother's friend was just moaning moaning.... Uzma ... Yes suck me hard uzma.... Suck me ... Dry ... But I did not wanted to empty his load in my mouth before satisfying needs of my holes. My bhai jaan was now uncontrollable and was telling ... Uzma ... Jaaan apne bhai ko apna chooth dikao... Telling this he moved me away from his dick and pushed his head in between my legs and started eating my cunt... I would have never had such a great pleasure in my life... I was moaning like hell.. I asked my bhai jaan to stop at a moment and asked him to fuck my cunt... He took his cock in his hand and started pushing it in my cunt hole and then stroked it up and down... This continued for 10 minutes then I had the desire to have his dick inside my butt . When I expessed it to my bhai jaan , he just took his cock out and turned me upside down and before I could react started ramming my ass... I was shouting now since I never expected such a pain... But Salman was not in a mood to hear me and ramned my ass without stopping ..must be he was taking revenge on me ... I pleaded him to stop from behind and give his dick for blow job...which he did.. I started to suck his cock once again but this time was rolling my hands over his big balls... By mistake out of curiosity , I just squeezed one of his balls for which my bhai jaan shouted .. Uzma behan... Do not do it... Or u would end up in hurting ur bhai jaan... I did not heed , kept squeezing his balls then and there till he lost his control and shot up his load in my mouth.. I swallowed it completely and sucked his dick till it became limp... Everything ended with my bhai jaan's comment.


It is then we saw that the time was already 10 : 30 pm and still we have not finished our dinner. We got dressed up and went back to dining table to have out dinner. We did not stop with that , I did some more sex with Brother's friend that night fully.
My bhai jaan was only person to satisfy my sexual desire till I had a chance to do it with my dad which I would tell you guys later.

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