Sunday, 31 August 2008

Unsatisfied Chennai Woman

Hi readers this is RAHUL I like to share my exp with u guys. First I introduce myself I am 23yrs old 5.9ht athletic body 7"cock. Now I introduce my aunt her name is sunanda I have not such a woman in my life her size is 40d how I came to know her size is I went her for shopping she had bought a bra on that tine I came to know her size.

Ok coming to the real story one day I was lone in my home because my family member went to a near by relative house I was seeing a movie in star movies I heard a door knocking sound I turned off my TV went to open the door for my surprise my aunt was standing in front of me with a smile on her face I greeted her she asked about our family members I told her that they will be coming after 2 days she said no problem in that I just came to have fun with u I was shocked after hearing this she told me to switch on the DVD player I told her that I have no cds she told that she had brought.

I went & switch on the TV& DVD she came near me said go sit on the sofa I will operate this, I came to sofa watching what she dose she play a movie to my surprise that was a xxx movie I shouted at her pleas turn off the TV she told me u have to see this type of movie you are grown up boy. She told that I know that your family members are going out today I have called ur mom that I am coming today she told that u only left home separately so I brought this movie come lets enjoy the movie I accepted keep on watching the movie she came near me & told that she did not had sex since last 4 years she want me to satisfy her I hesitated first after seeing that movie in that movie the couple of in that movie were kissing each other after seeing that my aunt came near me kept her hand on my thighs I slipped her hand she got up switch off the TV I shouted at her this is the super scene plz on the TV she told don't be bored I show the real show she came near me slipped her saree palu I was shocked to see her 40d breast over the blouse she told me to hold her tits I came near her hold her tits she told me to go to the bed room I went in the room following her all of a sudden when we enter the room she hugged me & told this all belong to u my boy come on have me I am all yours after hearing this I got aroused & take off her saree she was just in her blouse and petticoat she dose wear any under garments.

I was caressing her boobs on the blouse she told me to remove her cloths make naked I followed her word &made her naked was shocked to see her 40d boobs it was good tite bigger enough she told me to crease it until it loosen I started caressing that sucking mean time she was playing with my hair I was fond off her navel I often masturbate think her navel because her navel is deep &big I sucked her navel now I reached her g spot she did not shave her hair it is just like a dense forest I sucked her deeply her moan increased she told me to suck her tite her moan was louder she told that she is going to cum &she cumed I tasted that it was something special treat she told me to stop its my turn she stood up and removed my shirt pant I was only in my underwear my tool is stood like a gun the shape was shown clearly over the underwear she held in dick slipped my underwear now I was naked she kissed my lips for 15 min she slowly came down she was in her knees toke my dick in her mouth started sucking I hold head began to stork her head between my thighs I cannot see my dick it was fully in her mouth after 20 min I told her that I am going to cum she told shoot in my mouth I shot all my cum in her mouth she told me to relax she again started sucking my dick now my dick was erect in full length she told me insert ur dick in my pussy she directed my dick in her love hole I fucked slowly she was moaning her moan made me mad I increased my speed she told come my boy ur a good fucker fuck me fast come increase ur speed it took 30min to attain a climax after shooting the load of cum in her love hole she told that she was happy to have sex with me from that day we both are enjoying in different style & direction if any aunties, girls, widow, unsatisfied woman’s, we keep it secret if ur interested in me mail me to rajy083@gmail.coma

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