Sunday, 31 August 2008

First Virgin Encounter

I would like to introduce to the viewers about myself. I am a Male, 24 years 5’11”, Slim, and Fair guy from Bangalore, with a Penis measuring 8”. I was a easy going guy with many friends of both sex, but after completion of engineering I am not able to meet them and have fun. Today I want to make the world know about the incident, which made me loose virginity. Back to year 1996, I saw a Delhi girl studying in my school. She was very sexy looking a year younger to me. Her figure would be 30B 24 29. Her approach to the world was different, in short she was a broad minded girl. I kept on trying to get close to her and finally I made it with assistance of a mutual friend. Our relation went on zoom till our exam dates were announced, we used to meet every day and speak for hours together. I used to enjoy speaking to her. We were not able to meet for few days, as our exam dates were different.

One day my parents had gone out, resulting me alone at home, I thought and called my pal/lover home, she reached my place in 20 minutes from my call. She was looking very sexy that time, with a baby pink top with denim jeans. Her lips were erotic with a light pink colour lipstick applied. We sat down and stated talking about everything that happened in our life during exam, Within no time we were seated very and we were able to feel breath and heat generated made us to hug each other. The lips very looking so good I just could not control, pulled her head close to mine and kissed here very hard. She was trying stop but getting aroused. I started sucking her lips and forced to open her mouth. In few minutes she started to co-operate and slowly guided my hand to her small soft breast. I started to press it slowly, latter I removed the top of hers, and she was not wearing any thing inside. She had a very pointed nipple. This time my penis was rock hard I just wanted to explode. I started to suck her breast; I had even bitten many times. She always mourned in such a way that I was completely ignited. Now I wanted to fuck her but we don’t have much knowledge about it other than watching in movies. Slowly I started to remove her pant and her panty was completely wet. I just wanted to get the fragrance of vagina that’s the reason I moved my head close to her vagina. Latter I could not stop myself from sucking her cunt. She was very much aroused and I could not control myself. She came close to me and removed my pant and shirt.

Seeing my penis she took it in here mouth for a blow-job. I lifted her to my room made her to sleep on my bed, she was holding my penis and insisting me to insert it to her vagina and so I did. She was shouting very hard but a fair girl became red in few strokes. I enjoyed the pleasure of earth as I reached climax. Then I made her to turn and lift her ass for second round of orgasm. Finally speaking I lost my virginity and so she did, even today I remember that here hymen was broken after I inserted my penis into her vagina. A thick mixture of blood and fluid came out. Then we took bath together moving our hands and kiss on each other’s private parts.

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