Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saali Ke Saath

I have been married for about three years. My wife is well educated and works in a multinational company. She is very beautiful and energetic in sex. We enoy a lot and every time think of faqqing each other with some variety. Her younger sister is a student of college and very often visits us. Sometimes she stays one day. sometimes many days. A few months back, she came to our house. It was June, and you know June is always hot.

I am in a habit of sleeping nude. This habit was developed when I was in matriculate. After marriage my wife also shared my habit. Not only that we sleep naked, we also live total nude when at home, no matter it is morning or evening. We have also taken nude photos of each other and enjoy looking them when in a mood of faqqing.

Another habit of mine is taking tea early in the morning.

The story begins in June last year when my sali came to our house for staying. My wife usually gets up early as she has to go to office which takes about one and half hour to reach. I go to my office (I have my own printing business) at about 1030.

One day as usual my wife went to her job. I was lying on the bed watching TV after having a cup of tea. At about 9, I went to the bath room to shave. After shaving, I entered the bedroom totally nude. Just at the same time door opened any my sali entered. I was shocked because I was naked. She looked at me but did not leave the room, as I was expecting. I noticed her face was red. She had seen me naked. She only asked,"Bhaijan, aap chae(tea) lain gay". I said, yes. When she left the room I began to think whether it was just incidence? Why did she not leave the room immediately when she had seen ma naked? I decided to watch what happens next. I did not put on clothes and sat on the chair nude. After a couple of minutes she again entered with a cup of hot tea and put it on the table. Then she asked, "any thing else?"

I tell you my sali is very very sexy. She wears very tight jeans and loe neck shirt. At that time she was in the same dress, with some modification that the shirt was see-through and I could see her MUMMAY. Upper half of her mummay were outside the shirt. It was fantastic. My lun was already stiff. There was no doubt that she had noticed it. I ask her, "tum nay chae pi li?". She said ,no. Then I asked her,"why don't you bring your cup of tea here?" She replied, "Ji main lay aati hoon". She brought her cup of tea and sat in front of me. You can imagine the feelings. I said to her, "actually I am in the habit of sleeping naked. Your Baji also sleeps nude. I was not expecting you at this moment, otherwise I would have put on at least underwear". She smiled and replied, "I know that you while at home live naked". I asked her,"who has told you". She said,"Baji, bacause wwe both are very frank and friendly. She has even told me how many time you both enjoyed in the wedding night". I was not surprised because there are many sisters who are frank in such matters.

My lun sakht akrra huwa tha. Sali ki aankhon may lal lal doray nazar aa rahay thay. Main nay us say kaha,"Kamray say bahir janay ko ji naheen chahata, bahir bari garmi hai". Us nay jawab diya,"Ji han, aap ka kamray thanda hai". She, afte some moments said,"Bhaijan, ek bat kaoon?" I said, yes. She spoke,"Aap apni aur baji ki nangi photos sambhal kar rakhain, koi daikh lay ga". I was surprise ans asked,"tum kaisay janti ho". She replied, "I have seen". She was smiling. I asked, "Do you like those photos?" She said, "Yes, they are very beautiful aand full of life". Now I was getting hot and hot. I wanted to touch her, suck her mammay, kiss her nazuk lips, and surely, I wanted to faqq her.

I asked, "You know you are very sexy, your body is Qiyamat. She only smiled. But us ki sans tez ho rahi thi, meri tarha. We had finished tea. I then said," Tum nay jeans pehn rkhi hai, kiya garmi naaheen lagti?" She said" Garmi to lagti hai, lakin main din kay waqt ghar main pahnti hoon, raat ko to main sirf underwear hi pahnti hoon." I said," to is waqt bhi underwear pehn lo, ghar main koi naheen." She said,"Ok, but I have no underwear at this moment under my pant". I offered that she can take my underwear. she accepted. I gave her my underwear. She said to me,"Bhaijan, moonh doosri tarf kar lain". I did so. As soon as she put off her jeans, I turned toward her. She immediately kept her hand on her choot. I said,"Jani, what are you hiding?" It will be just like your sister's choot". All choots are similar". I removed her hand. Her choot was fabulous. I bagan to kiss her. I also put off her shirt. Now she was totally naked. I bagan to suck her mummay. Main nay us ko bed par lata liya aur us ki choot par zaban phairnay laga. Us kay moonh say nikla, "Oh, my God. Pl do it." I wanted that she should talk in vulgar language. So I asked, "What should I do?" She said,"You know what I am saying". I said tell in open words. Now she could not control and said<"mari choot main aag lagi hai. Pl apni zaban phairo. Oh yes, aur karo." I asked her," I will suck youchoot, you suck my lun". Without saying a word she took my lun in her mouth abd began to suck. After few moments, main nay apna lun us kay moonh say nikala, us ko sidha lataya, us ki tangain kholeen aur apna lun us ki choot ky ooper rkh diya. I was kissing her. She was really very hot. Wo zor zor say hil rahi thi. Kenay laghi,"Kiya isi tareeqay say faqq kartay hain? Main us ko tarpa raha tha, agarcha khud meri halat bhi bahut buri ho chuki thi.Main ny poocha,"Agar ijazat ho to kiya main tmhain chodoon?" She replied,"Kab tak tarpao gay. Meri choot may aag bhari hai. Pl mujhay chodo, main tmhain atna maza doon ghi kay kabhi baji kay sath chudai mai atna maza naheen aaya ho ga". I entered my lun into her choot. She cried,"Oh, Shandar, aur karo, pl aur andar karo." Neechay say wo khud bhi zor zor say ooper ko hil rahi thi. Lagya tha keh wo lun kay sath sath tattay bhi andar lay jaye gi. It was splended. she was saying,"Uf, itna maza, Zor zor say chodo. Main nashay main hoon. Bhaijan, meri choot aap ki hai. Jis andaz say caho chodo. Bas aaj maza dila do, bilkul us tarha jaisay baji ko maza datay ho.

Now it was over. I ejaculated. She also discharged. It was shandar chudai. It was the beginning. I wonder how she later sucked and got faqqed. After that she was very very open in talking. She used such a dirty, erotic and sexy language that I was not expecting, but it gave great pleasure.

I will tell you later how we have been faqqing each other.

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