Monday, April 14, 2008

Uncle Neice Story

Hello readers and well wishers of sexvex I am shweta 18 indian girl wish to explain mi sex relations with mi uncle. WHO is 45 years old and had seduced me in such a way that i was left with no other alternative then to surrender to him. My uncle is a jolly person and live with us. My mother being widow and working in an
office. I am left in house after 12 o clock daily till mom comes back. My uncle use to crack jokes during day time and and is always close to me. Once while he was busy in cracking jokes he put up his hand on mi boobs I liked his pressing of boobs very much didnot objected.THIS continued for few weeks and he further tried to touch mi puzy and the navel he kissed it. This too continued for few days seeing that i am not objecting to any of his move straight away one day he took off mi panty and frock and licked me all over mi body but further warned me not to tell mi mom. I OBEYED him for a while and enjoyed his licking and sucking of mi boobs and mi puzy. The d day came he asked me to get ready for final countdown he opened mi panty and tookoff mi frock and fingered mi puzy. franckly telling it was enjoyable then he showed his dick to me i was afraid what he will do with it. H e asked me to rub it and as i was rubbing it was erecting like a banana. the full size must be around six inches and asked me to open mi legs and putting his dick on mi pussy started making strokes. I was thinking i will die but some how he was sucessful in entering his dick in mi puzy and make me mad stroke after stroke and till final stroke when he cum outside mi puzy just to save me from pregnency and also save his skin from being father of mi child. This practice of licking and sucking mi body plus boobs continued for some time till he got himself away from me to another township.NOW sometime i feel thirsty and hungry i use full hard banana or candle stick..but not the dick and remain isolated. The happy news is that mi uncle is coming back after few days and i hope i will get more of his dick as usual and will write in this column more till then bye from mi side. and wish alll readers and story contributors happy fuqing and..reply me at

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