Monday, April 7, 2008

Special Lady

Hello friends, . I am shakeel again with an otherstory. My live in the karachi (gulshan). Her name isTania. She was just married two years ago. She was 10years older than me, and 5 ft 5 in. She had longbrownish hairs, black eyes and a pair of nice and douxsoft boobs which measures 36DD. She was a blab andbelle. She was
really a sex-kitten. Well, lets getinto the story. My parents asked me to go to her placeto give her the good news of my admission. From mychildhood days since I started getting sexuallyaroused I had a long cupidity to get over her. I washappy and agog to visit her place.Next day, it was aSunday. So I asked my parents to stay there for threedays to spend some time with my super sexy lady, andI got their permission too. When I rang the door bell,she opened the door with some hesitation.Then I came to know that she was staying all alone inthe house and his husband has been out to karachi forsome official tour. He will return only after oneweek. She greeted me inside and I gave her my news.She congratulated me and gave me a sweet kiss on myforehead. Then she asked me whether I had my breakfastor not? I had my breakfast earlier. Then we planned toplay a game. We soon started to play the game carrom.She used to wear both salwar and sari. At that timeshe was wearing a violet sharwar qamiz and .Oh God!she was looking dam sexy and the four letters. As Ihad told about her blabness, she used to talkexcessive and in due time she used to reveal hersecrets. As she was leaning forward for the stroke herpallu used to fall down and I could see her creamywhite cleavage. I only thought of seducing her andcould not concentrate on my playing. I started playingrubbishly and as I played the stroke, the striker wentflying towards her and fell into her breasts. I findthat she was disturbed and with great anxiousness shepulled the striker out . She was shocked to see mewhen I was caressing and kissing the striker a lot.When she told me what happened I asked her," whetherit hurts you or not." She just nodded the head andsaid "its okay." I was attracted magnetically towardsher to feel her body. I could not escape masterbatingin the bathroom thinking about her great body. I wasfull of agog and had a cupidity to fuck her. In theafternoon I enjoyed the lunch when she was serving meby my side and her soft hands were touching my arms.Icould feel the warmth of her body and the doux odourof her body was encouraging me a lot. It attracted medesperately and had a college try to seduce her. Inthe afternoon I couldnot sleep, always thinking abouther.In the evening I asked her not to cook in the house asI will bring the dinner from outside. She agreed andalso asked me to bring some video casessetes. We wereplaying cards and made a plan that who ever wins willorder the other person to do according to their will.Initially I got stucked and she ordered me to give hera glass of water from the fridge. I obeyed her andbrought a glass of water. But after sometimes I had myluck back. I asked her to dance. But she told me thatshe doesnot know dancing. I ordered her that you haveto dance and I will help you in dancing. She tried toknot her dupata tightly, but I gained my confidenceand courage and loosened her knot. She was dancingwith me, with every melody and rhythm. She was leaningon my hand and I could feel her soft body over me. Hernice sexy boobs were pressing my body and I waspressing her ass with my hand. I couldnot hold my cockstanding erect nowhere and nothing to know when willit explode. I was enjoying the every moment of it. Atabout 8:00 PM I went out to bring the dinner. She alsopromissed me to entertain me after the dinner. Atabout 9:00 PM I returned with some packed food and afew video casessetes. She asked me which are thesevideos and I told her that its nice. But I knew thatthey were all XXX. At about 9:30 PM finished ourdinnerand after completing everything we sat togetherto watch the movie.But to her astonishment she was scared to see theopening scenes where the actor and the actress werekissing each other deeply. At first I was also afraid,but slowly I found that she was enjoying the movie. Asshe was sitting beside me with a deep breathe I put myhand on her thigh. She reacted instantly and said "No,I am your lady." But I insisted her telling that"please, please I had a strong desire to get over herand fuck her." My hands were still caressing herthigh. She was watching the movie. Slowly she startedresponding towards me. I put my arms around her neck,drawing her face closer to mine as now her other handrested on my bulged prick. She was caressing itsqueezing it and I was afraid that I might shoot outany moment. I pulled her face close to mine and soonher cheeks were brushing against mine. I could feelher hot breath on my ear. My other hand was already onher back, caressing her. I moved my hand on herforehead and touched her there. She moved closer tome. I could see the swell of her breasts moving up anddown with her breathings. Then I traced my finger downin a straight line, on to her nose, and then to herjuicy lips. My finger was now between her lips and allof a sudden she opened her mouth and my finger slippedinto her mouth. With a naughty look, she was suckingat my fingers. Pulling my finger from her mouth, Ibrought it straight into mine, licking her saliva fromit. It tasted great. She started pushing her bodytowards me. I wanted to grab her boobs, now straininginside her bra, but controlled myself. I was enjoyingevery moment and did not want to scare her off withany sudden moments. The heat was slowly building inher and I could sense it.I decided to take it slow. From her lips, then to hercheeks, to her chin and down her neck, my finger wastracing a line. It then moved between the cleavage ofher swelling breasts. I could not control myself andmy finger moved on to her left boob and I slowlycupped it in my hand. I could feel the material of thebra and the nipples were trying to break loose. Ipressed her left boob gently and she gave a soft moan.Ignoring the moan, I moved my hand on her right booband caressed it gently, trying to feel her nipplesthrough the material. I wanted to tear off her dressand put my mouth on her boobs. My fingers moved downover her soft smooth womb and to rest on her bellybutton, nestling between the folds of her skin. Ipressed my finger into the cavity of her belly buttonand she smiled. She was pressing her body closer tomine.i open her boady and suck her nipples. she wasmoaning .hhhhhhhhhhh. i drink her hot milk. My heartwas poundng fast and my dick was really hard andthrobbing. I could feel the pre cum oozing out of thetip to wet my balgriggan. My hand moved further downand I could feel the lacy elastic of waist band of herpanties. I couldnot believe myself. I finally feel hermound, through her dress. My hand was already pressingher pudenda and she unfolded her legs from under herand spread it a little apart to let my hand movefreely. I looked up and she was looking straight at myface and I could feel the softness of her outerlips.From her mound my hand now mooved on to feel herbuttocks."What are you trying to do" she asked me witha naughty smile. I want to kiss ..I stammered backwhen she suddenly put her arms over my shoulder andasked " let me give you a kiss."I was dumd struck to see a sexy, beautiful lady aboutwhom I have been fantasizing, a lady whom I had kissedand made love to in my dreams, asking my permission tokiss me. I put my arms around her neck drawing herface closer to mine and by now her other hand restedon my bulged prick. She was caressing it, squeezing itand I was afraid that I might shoot out any moment. Ipulled her face closer to mine and soon her cheekswere brushing against mine. I could feel her hotbreath on my ears. My other hand was already on herback, caressing her. I could feel the wetness of hersweat on her forehead. I deftly licked the sweat asshe pressed her cheeks more into mine. My lips rowedacross her cheeks and ended up on her lips, which wasslightly parted. I kissed her tight on her parted lipsand then moved my tongue over it. Her mouth parted andmy tongue wandered into her cavity.Our mouths closedon each other and our tongues were wriggling insideeach other mouth. I licked and sucked on her tongue.She smiled and we ended up in a big embrace again. Nowwe rolled across the carpeted floor in the tightembrace, our mouth glued together once again. She waslying above me with her thigh pinning me down. Thefeel of her soft body pressing against mine washeavenly. My arms rowed over her back pressing hercloser against me.I just took my hand on her sari'spallu and pulled it to all the sides to let it unwoundoff that beautiful body. I thought this was not theright place and asked her to move to the bed room. Sheinstructed me to move to her bed room but she didnotfollowed me. I went to bed and after a few minuteslater I was shocked to see my lady in her nightgown.I turned around to embrace her, she was trembling allover, so I led her to the sofa and made her sit down.I kneeled down in front of her and lifted one of herlegs and started kissing her toes licking and suckingthem one by one. She was squirming on the sofa and herhands were massaging my neck. All the while I couldhear her moun very softlyuuuuummmmmmmm,aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh " My hands were on herthighs, gently massaging and kneeding the flesh. hervoice got a little louder. She mouned"oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." her eyes were closedand her head was going from side to side******* Thesofa was becomming too uncomfortable and we once againmoved to the bed. I slowly pulled her nighty up andshe responded back by loosening her body a bit to helpme pull her dress up over her head. My hands was nowon her buttocks, squeezing them and pulls the knot ofher pink petticoat. Still holding her down with onehand, I managed to insert one hand under her tightwhite panties and pushed it towards the crack betweenher buttocks. I could not control myself and soonstarted fingering her anus and she gave a jolt as myfingers pressed hard against her anus. She wasscreeming " muuuujjhhheeeeee pyyaaaaarrrrkaaaarrooooooo"mujeeeee chodo ooooo' The next moment Itook her lips into my mouth and sucked all thelipstick. I was shiverring with excitement and formoments I was freezed by what was happening. Sheinstantly ripped my shirt apart popping off one buttomafter another. She was running her tongue furiously onmy chest and the warm and hot touch of her lips andtongue on my chest provoked me to cup her breasts withmy both hands. Oh friends!!! they were so cute!! notmuch big, not small, but perfectly fitted into myhands. The next moment I felt her arms on my hips andthe zip of my jeans opening. In the next few seconds,she pulled down my jeans to my knees and my undiesafter it and did not waste another moment to get ahold of my half wet hot erect rod. Oh, her hands wereso smooth, it made me feel in heaven. It had gone to arespectable seven inches plus at that time. I couldfeel her naked body too (except for her half cuppedwhite bra and white panties) against me. I turnedbringing her under me. I moved my hands over her softbody,squeezing her boobs and then moving down to feelher pudenda over her white panties.It was soft andwarm and I could feel dampness on her crotch. Iunhooked her bra with my mouth and she held her armsup helping me to remove it from her body. Her boobswere firm with 2 inches dark pink areolas and longthick nipples. As my mouth was licking and circlingher boobs and nipples, I could not help noticing thesweet smell of her armpits. I made my tongueimmediately found its way to her armpits.I startedlicking there and enjoyed the smell of her armpits.She usually doesnot apply any deo and had a naturalsmell. Soon I paid my attention towards her boobs. Iwas licking and sucking her left breast as acollege-try just like a baby feeds her mother. My armswere kneading her other breast.My lady,was accelerating her pleasure. I could feelher nipples already hardened in my mouth. Leaving herleft one now I moved on to her right breast. It tastedwonderful and I was in heaven of eden garden. My armswent down under her white panties, caressing heropenings of her cunt which was already wet by thattime. She pressed my head strong against her boobs andmoaned "aaauuuurrrrrr cchhhuuusssooooooo" I pinchedher nipples agogly and she whispered" zjaaarraaaddheerraaaa saeeeee" mer sara dooood peeee jaooo.Iquickly apologised and started caressing her boobs. A1000 volt shock ran through my body when I twisted myhands in her hairs and gently pushed her mouth towardsmy cock. She looked cupidly at me and slowly openedher mouth wide and started sliding my cock inside herhot mouth. I took her hand and placed it under myballs.She played with my balls with one hand and wasmassaging my ass with the other. My cock had alreadytravelled down her throat and I could no longercontrol myself. I cummed straight way into her mouthand she swallowed it full.she then again suck my lon.i said that i feel pee she said do it in to my mouth.i do so she said that it was nice salty water. I toldher that you have given me enough pleasure and itstime now to give you pleasure. I swooped down andcaught her cunt lips in my mouth. I could not stop anylonger and roughly pushed her on her back and caughther and spread her legs with a little force. Sheimmediately moaned "ppllleeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeebeeeee sooffftttt." I ran my tongue along her cuntlips and felt the warm and tangy taste of her juices.Now she screamed more louder"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................."I lifted her legs far higher and started in earnest tolick her ass hole all the way till her clitoris. Herhands were clutching her boobs and her head wasjerking from side to side. Her stomach musclescontracted everytime my tongue reached her clitoris orher ass hole. My face was covered in her juices and Icould feel her wetness drip all the way to her asshole. I suddenly caught her clitoris between my lipsand sucked her fully.She whispered loudly " please mujhe apna lund do,please jaldi do, plz, plz,aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....oooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuu.............."I slanged her " aarrreeeeee maaaaaaggiii,...tu merasara lund le......haan mai to tujhe randi ki tarhachoodhunga" She seductively told me " main tohtumhaari randi hu.....plz mujhe jaldi se fuck karo " Istarted rubbing the head of my penis on her pussy. Shewent still for a second. I loved to hear her talkdirty and gladly accepted what she wanted me to do. Ilifted her legs high and wide and started fingering.It was bitsy. I enjoyed founding that she was still avirgin. A thousand thought ran across my mind. Soon Ipushed my cock a few inches into her wetting cunt. Itwas so warm and soft. She screamed loudly "ithurtssss" but I was not going to listen her anylonger. I took a little vaseline and applied in theinner linings and again pushed my dildo (cock) a fewmore inches deep. "ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........bbeeeeeessoooooooooooooooofttt, you are hurting meeeeeeeeeeee"My blood converts to water, the devil came over me andI shoved in the full more than 8 inches in one hardstroke. I wanted to hear hercry."aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccchhhhhhhhh...uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" She mouned andher legs locked themselves around my waist. I couldfeel her cunt muscles clasp themselves around my cock.I slowly started stroking back and forth and soon shewas lying on the bed with her legs wide open.Everytime I would shove into her there was a sound "ppppiiicccc" and her bangles would jingle. I hadalready one hand on her full breast and her doux titswere in my mouth. This went nearly for 10-15 minutesand during this time her head flew from side to side.Her eyes were shut and her hands were catching myhairs and pressing my mouth deeply into her boobs.Suddenly she screamed " my beeeeeesstcuuuuummmmmm.........." I felt her cunt musclescontract around my shaft and I continued stroking veryslowly while she came in dither. When she finished herfinal orgasmic shudder, I pulled my whole cock out andthen slammed into her with brutal force one last time.She said cum inside me and let me feel you, you are sogood and so deep..." lastly I kissed on her forehead,bit on her tits and had a blowing orgasm. We lay oneach other for another 10 minutes. But I need stillmore. She starts resisting me now as it was painfulfor her but for my sake and satisfaction she changedher position and bend like a bitch in front of me. Shewas really a sex-pot, sex-appeal and sex-kitten. Shepoints her cute rosy ass hole and asked me to have itinstead of her pussy. I started inserting in her asshole but I found it more tighter than her pussy andshe also found it more painful, so she tried to stopme. but I am not going to listen her and put my fingeron her ass and kept fixing and fingering for sometime.Then I tried again and this time I was successful. Iinserted my full cock into my lady's ass with asingle full stroke and she screamed and startedcrying, " oooooooooooaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my ass is toreeeeeddddd" Shepressed her head hard into the pillow. I stared downand saw her ass hole was wide open and my cock wasinside of her. It gave me a lot of fun and I keptrumping it in and out of her. As I have tasted thegrip of her tight virgin ass hole, I went even morefaster. She took her face out of the pillow, but Icannot obey her. It feels like heaven and I kept onpumping her ass and tearing her ass cheeks.Slowly she also started responding to my jerks.Suddenly she cried with pleasure " haan haan, aurkaro, plz , mujhe fuck karo, yes, more deeper, moremore......." throughout the time she said these thingsand her hips cooperated with my motion. I was fuckingher deeper and deeper for more than 15 minutes whenboth of us were enjoying and then I exploded insideher ass. She shouted " ooooh , I loveeeeee iiittt "her mouth was left wide open and her eyes shut as herjuices flew down. What a coitus it was!!!!! That nightI had fucked her once more. The experience was amemorable one. We both were dam tired. We lay on eachother's arm till 4 o clock.she says that her hubbynever give her that much plasure. Then we togethermoved to the bathroom and we both had a hot bathtogether. My lady was helping me to wash my genitalsusing the bidet. After cleaning ourselves, I helpedher into her bra and panty and then into her nighty.She gave me another long kiss and we both retreatedback into our bedrooms reluctantly. Everyone iswelcomed with their comments. Any female can mail meto fulfill their satisfaction if they are notsupported, want secret relations or have friendship orchatting with me. I promised to maintain the secrecyand be obedient.specialy from any city of bahawal purdivition and lahore and mainly Hope you like my story.Awaiting for your mail at

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