Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rashmi Ki Chudai

shabdkumar again se\cond time in the day friend I am looking after mi family's affair as mi father is at mumbai and mother is working in a college and 10 am to 5 pm she is busy with college.Me and mi sister are alone in the house during the entire day as our college is from 7.00 am till 10 am but one of us leaves the last period
for reaching home earlier then the mummy leaves for college. In the last story I told u that Mi sister and her friend made aprogramme of seeing a bluefilm which i too saw with mi sister which ultimately led to faqqing of mi sister and while returning back the cd i met the saheli of mi sister who introduced her as Rashmi and was 22 with 34dd boobs and round shaped butts nice body to be exploited tall and beautiful girl she was White complexion and nice nature I adjudged while having a cup of tea at her home she showed her interest for having sex relation with me.So i invited her to mi home and this time sister was to elope from the home. With New Vcd she came and we started the film it was about the cousin sister being faqqed by cousin brother.The film started we were offered tea and snacks and didi left for market to purchase certain household items and left us home. She was with me on sofa and as film started within half an hour we both become horny and wet she took out mi dick and started sucking like the herione in film was doing and she was licking like a real whore.This continued for around fifteen minutes by which I cum inside her mouth. We deeply kissed each other and half of mi cum came in mi mouth and rest went in her mouth she did enjoyed the cum. Now it was mi turn to suck her puzzi like the hero was doing I opened her salwar and anice peace of puzzi properly clean shaved puzzi appeared before me(unlike mi sister who keeps hair on her puzzi pubes) I licked it first and then started sucking it by entering mi tongur inside her puzzi the sucking continued and i realised she is too hot now we sud faqq. i took her to floor and entered mi harden dick inside her puzzi and started making strokes and she started making low voiced moaning. with her ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffff i continued mi job and made her showwing the cumming stage. while she was cumming she tightly hold miself and cried faqq me hard faqq me hard...... or else i will remain thirsty faqq me hard............... mi faqqing continued till i cum inside her puzzi taking all the risk of her becoming pregnent.Thereafter we waited for few minutes to refresh ourselves had cold drink and then juices of orange and milk badam to refresh ourselves.In the meantime didi came back and enquired fromRashmi r u ok and happy. Rashmi smiled and thanked mi sister for nice program she made.later in the evening we recd call from mummy that she will be late . We made program of alternative faqqing of these two bitches.........and how was that..........

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