Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Praveena My Friend's Sister

Kabeer was 25 years old. He had a small loving family with his parents and his elder friend's sister. They had a small house and he and his friend's sister used to sleep in one bed with him. His elder friend's sister's name was praveena. Praveena was 28, very fair, white skin, 5'5", 36 - 24- 38 and roundish face with dimple cheeks. She had beautiful eyes and wore skirt and T-shirt. She had boys chasing her day and night.

One night, around 12:30, Kabeer suddenly got up from his sleep, as he was feeling something heavy on his legs and with the sounds like "Ahhhhhhhh" and "Huuuuuun". He opened his eyes and saw that his friend's sister spread her legs widely, folding the knee joints. As there was not enough place, her thigh was resting on his legs. Her thighs were totally naked and they were very beautiful. She was moving her hands between the inner thighs. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning.

His dick got erect with that very erotic scene. He felt his body temperature raising and his breath became heavy. He slowly moved close towards her. Now his face was near her big boobs and he could feel the aroma of her sweat from her opened armpit, which was hardly one inch near to his nose. That was the greatest smell he had ever smelled. He was really exited and forgot that she was his own friend's sister.

Then he took a daring step. He put his hand in her thigh, pretending to happen accidentally. It was very smooth and silky. Praveena got shocked and instantly checked his eyes whether he was sleeping or not. She couldn't able to confirm as he was acting to be in sleep. She moved uncomfortably but she failed to take his hand off as her thigh was in between his leg and hand. Few minutes passed and he dared further. He moved his hands close to her pussy. He didn't get any response from her and he was sure that at this moment, she was helpless. He got lot of strength with this thought and he slowly started moving his hand further and could feel her pussy now. He stopped his fingers to wait for the response as he was still a bit scared to do this. But she was lying there simply closing her eyes.

Now he started moving his fingers on her pussy. Her pubic hair was so silky and outer lips were so smooth! He felt the wetness of the pussy. He pinched on the juicy pussy with out a second thought. She screamed with low pitch, "Aaaaah," dont do this Kabeer but He started fingering her cunt. His two fingers were moving in her juicy pussy and she opened her legs more widely and started moaning. He started biting her boobs, which was near to his head. She started pressing his head hardly towards her breast. The game stopped there and they got up as both were awake and pretending to be as sleepy. .

He took off her top. Her breast was very big and they were really firm. He kissed on her pussy and started tasting her sour juice. He sucked the erected black nipples. She had gone mad and pushed him back and kissed very hard. Their tongues fought for some time and she pulled out his hot muscular rod out and shook that with her hand. She started a wonderful blowjob. She sucked his dick with tight strokes. He played with her beautiful boobs, pussy and with her ass. Suddenly they heard a noise from their parents' bedroom and they immediately stopped.

From the next day, Kabeer and Praveena got closer to each other and they realized their temptation for each other. The next day, she started giving him more sweet views of her beautiful body. She started scratching at her pretty boobs or if nobody was looking at her, she started rubbing her puyssy area, always staring in his eyes while doing all those. But as his parents were around, they couldn't do anything. They both were very excited about the expected chance of being alone at home and finish the unfinished business of the previous night.

In the mean time, Praveena went to Kitchen for making tea for their dad. Praveena was standing at the kitchen counter, while he entered in the kitchen to get water from the refrigerator. Praveena was wearing cotton Salwar and shirt with white shameez underneath. She was not wearing any bra and her beautiful boobs were jiggling due to her movements. Praveena immediately came in front of him and embraced Kabeer. He felt her body mashing with his body. His already hard cock was hitting her pussy. Very slowly, she moaned, "uuuummmm." Then she started moving her pussy up to him in slow moves and he was feeling like cumming at that very spot. Praveena started rubbing her pointy boobs on his chest. His hard dick was pressed between her thighs and upto her pussy. It was very difficult for him to control himself from gripping her and to fuck her right then. But he knew that his parents were still at home.

He went to his room, took off his shirt and went inside the bathroom. He was feeling to jerk off but decided to wait for Praveena. He just took off his trouser and left his underwear on his body. His dick was standing like a flag pole inside his underwear. After a few minutes, he heard his door open and heard Praveena saying, "Kabeer, Your tea." He slowly opened the door and saw Praveena standing at the door of bathroom with a naughty smile on her face. He whispered, "Where are mom and dad?" She answered, "Both are getting ready to go to office." After hearing that He immediately came out and grabbed her. He hugged her tightly with his body, which was only in underwear. He kissed her on face. He felt her trembling in his arms. Then he kissed on her lips. Her lips were so soft that he kept on kissing her lips. Then he felt her open her mouth and he probed his tongue inside her mouth. That was a sweet sensation he was having!

He was French kissing her and she was doing the same thing. They were practically sucking each others tongues. He moved his one hand to her round and right ass. His other hand sneaked towards her sexy boobs. Then he felt her one hand rubbing his back, her other hand moved to his underwear. He felt like in heaven! He took her lips in his mouth and started sucking her lips. She got very excited and she took hold of his hard dick from the underwear and started rubbing it. He got hold of her right breast in his hand and started rubbing it, still sucking her lips. She was trembling now with excitement.

Suddenly Kabeer felt the presence of their mom in the next room. Immediately he got off Praveena. Praveena went to the kitchen again and he went to the bathroom - no need to say for what.
Finally, the golden and memorable moment of their lives arrived. Their parents announced that they were leaving for the office. Like always, they instructed Kabeer to lock the house from inside in a good manner and also instructed him to take good care of Praveena. By hearing this, both thought they will have the best care for each other. Praveena giggled in a naughty way. After that Kabeer went with them to lock the door. He closed all the windows and doors and started running upstairs to his room. He knew he had the whole noon to take care of her elder friend's sister in a special way.

He reached to his room and opened the door. He was glued at the door step. Windows of his room was covered with a heavy curtain. Main lights were turned off and only side lamps with low power bulbs were on. Praveena, his sweet elder friend's sister, was lying on the bed in her new nightie of sky blue color, which had buttons on the front from upward to bottom. She was starting at the door with a lustful look in her eyes and a wonderful smile on her face. Her head was lying on the pillow and her thick black hair were piled there. She was really looking like a sex Goddess.

Praveena was rubbing her breasts in slow moves. He was frozen at the door step while looking all those. Then Praveena whispered, "Are you going to stand there till night? Come on your friend's sister is waiting to love you." After saying this, she winked in a naughty way. He couldn't control himself and started moving towards the bed. Shazia got off the bed and stood up. She started moving towards him. She was having heavy breaths. He went near her and took her in his arms.

Then they were kissing each other. He started kissing her face from her forehead. Then his lips came to her beautiful eyes and kissed there. Then he came to her sexy nose and kissed there lightly. Then the lips went to her white creamy soft cheeks and kissed there. In the meanwhile, they were feeling each other with their hands and both of them were trembling with excitement and passions. Then he started kissing her on her luscious full lips. They hugged each other tightly. They started French kissing. They were exchanging their salvia in each other's mouths. They kept on doing that for more than 10 minutes. Then he moved his lips towards her sexy ears and started licking her ears. He took her ear lobes in his mouth and started sucking them.

Praveena was moaning, "AAaaaaaaaaaHmmmmmmmmohhhhhhhhh
hhh please bhaiyya please............mmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." He was feeling her breasts moving up and down a bit faster. Then he came to her long neck and started kissing there. He was feeling her nipples poking in his chest even from inside their clothes. Then he heard her screaming, "Ooohhhh Bhaiyya, I can't take it any longer. Please hurry." He laughed. Then she started taking off his clothes with trembling hands. Soon He was standing there only in his underwear with a tent of one pole. He made her stand in front of him. He started French kissing her. While kissing her, he started opening the buttons of her night gown. When he opened two buttons of her gown, he moved his mouth from her lips to her chest and started rubbing his mouth there. In the meanwhile, he kept on opening the buttons of her gown. Very soon, she was standing almost nude in front of be continued

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