Monday, April 14, 2008

My Sister Surjeet

Hello friends and lovely readers of FSI and Indian sexstories I appreciate the views expressed by someone somewhere for somebody and with some body may be his sister daughter mother or friend orneborgirl. This happened with me with mi neborMiss surjeet kaur a blonde of 22 years born and brought up in poor family,
but beauty is never restrained by the poorness.One day she borrowed a scissers from me and asked me that she will return it in half an hours time. My mother after half an hour asked me to go to surjeet kaur house and take back the scissers as she forgets all the things. As i entered in their house from the top of the house (we live in row house which can be approached and entered in by from top too)wat i saw she was cutting her pussy hairs by our scissers. I was stunned to see this , her pussy was clearly visible so the hairs lying on the earth. she felt too shy to me and immediately covered her pussy by her hands and asked me about my purpose of visit.Since i was not in my senses I told her by stammering oh didi i have come ..........stammering continued.....oh sister i have collect my scissers......mummy has certain work to do and go to market with the sample please complete your work I am waiting outside the door. But i want to enquire didi why dont u use the shaving kit like mi mom uses.Surjeet kaur replied oh........that kit we cannot have in our house as we are sikhs...............but i will give u the kit.........let the mummy go out from house ............i will provide u the kit or else u desire. I takeback the scissers and go out of house thinking of her pussy and pinkish area of her pussy area. I have seen mi moms pussy that was too loose and area too black hence i thinking of surjeet kaur pussy returned home(.Let me introduce u Surjeet Kaur she is 22 and tall and beautiful girl of our Mohalla may be around 5 ft 8 inches and weighing about 55 kg > Round and beautiful pair of boobs and nice bits and when she moves out of our Mohalla the boys came out in line to see her Since she was living adjoining our house hence she was in talking terms with me only. She was only daughter of her parents Father business man and lives around 60 kms away from home and mother sometimes accompany father to that village and today was the day she was away and Surjeet kaur planned to make her neat and clean. and Me...........19 years old son of mi parents one elder brother is studying in south and I am living with mi parents. Mi 5 ft 6 inches 65 kg and not so handsome but not too ugly also.)Mummy took around 15 minutes to complete the job and went out of house for couple of hours and therewas no chance of papa coming back as he usually come by night I went to Surjeet kaur with shaving kit wrapped in some cloth and knocked the doorbell. Seeing me at door she told me to go back to mi home as she will be coming to mi house for use of shaving kit. Within minutes she locked her house and came to mi house and asked me about the kit as it was lying in bathroom I directed her to bathroom and came back. I heard a very low voice from bathroom.......hello youngone come to bathroom as I dont know how to operate upon the shaving kit.I entered the bathroom and told her how to use the shaving kit..........but she was having a naughty smile on her face and asked me to shave her pussy. I said me......why ........... she told me that you have seen her pussy hence she dont have any hesitation in showing again to u. I obiliged her and shaved off her pussy within minutes but mi dick showed erection during the course of shaving which she was very minutely watching and held mi dick and enquired why this weapon is stroking.I smiled and said probably he is thinking of getting the right place to enter in. She smiled and said ok someday we will make programme I am too hungry for this. I said why not today itself a informal . she said ok and took the manhood and started sucking it and made me to bend on kneels to suck her pussy too. I started sucking pussy and she was rubbing mi dick.We both got heated and i took her to bedroom and asked her to lye down on the bed and started opening her shirt as salwar was already down and opened her upper portion and to mi surprise she was not wearing any Bra inside took her boobs in mi hand and started pressing them they were too soft and nice for me, the time i was pressing them the enjoyment limit was going on she made me to started sucking the nipples of her boobs and i obiliged her. and this made us very hot and made me mad to enter mi dick inside her pussy and i started pounding her pussy and in out was making her enjoyable..........she was maooning oh ahhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmand so onmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm her moaning was making me mad for heavier harder and stronger fuck.........and mi first experience in the matter of sex with the lady who was proposed to be mi next door nebor.We both make and early exit to programme as she was afraid of time was for her mother to come with promise to have full fuck next time mother goes out we left each other with smile on our faces and dreams for strong fuck next time........wat happened next time it will be desi style and in hindi
Hello friends and readers of FSI this is Shabdkumar 19 male 5ft 6 inches 65 kg with muscular body and have indepth knowledge of social affairs.In last post I said about my cousin Surjeet Kaur and I left the saying t that next post will be sent to readers soon. One of my welwisher has posted me for continuation of my next post I am thankful To FSI and her that she is interested in what happened next?As Surjeet Kaur was all alone in the house on that day and she received a fone call from her parents that they will not be coming back for next couple of days hence she should call any of friend in the house to have the company So she called Harleen Kaur as one of her accompany in the house. Harleen when I saw her was a terrifc beauty just 22 five and six high and having bustline of 34 24 36. The Harleen to whom I will call her by her nick name happy was a beauty not less then Krishma Kapoor and she had all the charams of being a herione but since she a a house girl having no interest as such she was beauty wasted.Next day my mother who works with a tailor, brings home the unstiched suits for stitching went out at 11.00 am I called Surjeet in my house for further session of fucking which was left halfa way yesterday. She came with Harleen with her and requested me that she wants to some thing about married life as she is getting married soon. So i asked her to come to me and asked her to sit on the bed. She came near me a I had one long kiss session with her Our lips were joint for about 10 minutes and our bodies were in embracing position for quite long time.Dheere Dheere I tried to open her by lifting her kameez and unhooking her bra AS SHE WAS FEELING SHAME SHE COVERED HER FACE BY BOTH THE HANDS.As I opened her bra I saw one pair of beautiful milky while boobs open for me to suck and lick. I started licking her boobs by rotation and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmplease do do......your teeths are hurting me.....and like that. but I was adamant on licking and sucking the boobs and she was enjoying fully the enjoyment .I was feeling tightness in my pant hence I asked her to open my jip and she who is calling you. She unzipped me and saw a long 7 inches penis out like a prisoner was out after santence. It immediately raise its own hight by 7 inches horizentally. and become about 2.5 inches thick. She was happy to see that this manhood is going to fuck hard her pussy. I loosened her salwar and placed my hand in inside her salwar and upto her cunt (as per her version virgin pussy) it was all wet but having hairs on the pussy.The wetness of her pussy was clear indication of her being horny I took no time to lick and suck her pussy. I was on search of G SPOT which i found after about 15 minutes search and licking to her pussy. She came in and her precum really wetted my mouth and I sucked all the precum......she was ready to be fuckled So i placed My dick at the golden gate of her pussy and started making lighter strokes as she was new so a light treatment was intended for her.My light punishment to her pussy was taking good trurn as I found I have broken her seal and liquid in the form of redness was seen on the bed AND also on the top
And I felt that happy is feeling some pain hence she was moaning ufffffff....baba ......uff ........please take care of my pussy......i am feeling pain.....please be slow and dont be careful......please shabd..........oh mar gayee...........please...........I was pounding her pussy in quite normal way but she was feeling that she is being pounded it heavily I slowed down my speed and lowest possible speed and I was enjoying the sex but I was more cared about her enjoyment. So I slowed down my speed My entire dick was going inside her pussy and i was making slower but harder and deeper strokes which was being liked by Surjeet kaur who was a watcher today and rubbing her pussy seeing us fucking.By sometimes as we were fucking the pain felt by Happy stopped and she was feeling good now and asked me to increase my speed and make heavier strokes on her pussy as she was feeling something inside> I was thinking probabaly she is going to come Hence i inhenced my speed of fucking and now her moaning was in a pleasant way............she was getting crazy after enjoying the fucking finally she came and collaped but my manhood was still in mood to make strokes hence I called and took hold of Surjeet Kaur and started making heavier deeper and stronger strokes. Surjeet Kaur was supporting me in the fuck by making her hip to move in rythem. As i was about to come I placed my dick at the mouth of Happy and masked her to suck upto last drop of my cum.She did in execlent way and took every drop of my cum in her mouth.Surjeet started to suck the leftover of my dick and as it was time for my mom to come We parted ...... ........ .....

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