Monday, April 7, 2008

My Real Experience with Woman

Hello, iam shakeel living in karachi. I will like to share mysexy expirence with 27th year old women with you . shelive in my neighbours she was very beautiful and sexywomen.i used to call her "that woman" in the prsence of myfamily. she has a beautiful body with big boobs andhips.She was married and her husband was in london.
She wasthe mother of two childerns.i understand very well asu know how much expirence i have, how can a youngwoman live with out cock?. Her name was Aneela. oneday she came to my house,she have buttons in her shirtand her upper 2 button was opnen. She just take bathas her hairs r wet so I realiez that she forget toclose her buttons. I was looking her through corner ofeyes that I saw her uper part of creamy breast. Theywere like golden apples in the bra.she was wearingblack bra over her milky breasts. she asked me aboutmy mother and she noticed that i was looking at herbreast. she look down to adjust her dupata but wassurprised to see that her qamiz buttons were open. shequickly turn and close them. she was very aschamed andthen she immadiately leave. Afetr few days aneela cameto my house, I was in my room . when i listened hervoice I ran towards the comun room to see her.When she saw me she bended her head. when my motherwent out from the room.i said in very low voice that"i saw u last night in my dream".she surprised andlooked at me.i confused and in the confusion i toldher that" i saw u as my bride".she smiled and shesaid" please come to my house in evening at 7.00 pm.iwill wait for u".i said "ok" in the evening when iwent to her house. she was alone at her home. she tookme in her bedroom.why u called me here".she told methat" she want to ask some thing from me" .then shesay that "give true answer of my queation?"i said"o.k". she said that "would u like me", i say I loveyou.she smiled and I looked in her eyes. she then askdid u want to touch my body. I say yes. she say thenwhat ur waiting for .I can clearly saw lust in her eyes and between thisromantic situation she asked if u like me then kiss mewhy u wast time.I start kissed her on her face. shealso kissed me on my neck. when her soft and red lipstouched my body.i feel shock at that time i feel thatmy blood was boiling and my cock is trying to blastwith the extra pressure.i fell on her like a hungrywolf fell on his hunt.i kissed her lips .oh!god theywere as hot as red sun.when i was kissing her . . herhands were searching for something between my legs.andat last she was succed to caught my cock.she waspulling my 6.5"inches cock towards her pussy.iunzipped my pent quickly. at that moment when i wasunzipping my pent she also take of her qamiz, heryummy boobs were in front of my eyes i pull her bra totake off her boobs with the light brown nipples werenude in front of me.when i kiss the nipple she grappedme in her arms and round the legs around my legs andstart pushing and relaxing.i again kiss the nipplewith my toung which was now like a grain of pea.i andshe were far from the cruel world.then she stop. shelayed and put her legs on my shoulders and pull menear and asked to sit in aposition of bend thies. shegrap my cock and said to push.i do so and next momenti feel my cock is in the hotpot.she was shouting'FUCK ME SHAKEEL MAKE ME YOUR RANDI , FUCK ME HARD ,TEAR MY CUNT , FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT AHHHHH THATS ITCOME ON SHAKEEL MOVE FASTER , HARDER, YOUR FUCKKINGGOOD , I START FUCKING HER MORE HARD AND HARD DEEP INHER PUSSY SHE WAS SHOUTING , SHE HUGGED ME TIGHTLYSHE WAS BREATHING FAST, SHE GOT CUMED ALL THE JUICESWERE FLOWING DOWN FROM HER CUNT , I M TO FAR FROM MYCUM AND FUCKER HER MORE MORE MORE HARDER AND SHE CUMAGAIN AND I ALSO FILL HER PUSSY WITH MY CUM. SHE WASTO SURPRICE TO SEE MY DICK BECAUSE ITS NOT LOSEHARDNESS , WE WENT IN TO THE BATH ROOM AND CLEANEDOUR SELF . SHE TOOK A TOWEL AND CLEANED MY COCK .THE NEXT DAY MY PARENTS WENT TO ATTEND PARTY AFTERSOME TIME ANEELA that woman CAME TO MY HOUSE AND SAID WHEREIS MY MOM. I SAID TO HER THAT WENT TO PARTY . SHE GOESOUT AND SAID TO ME I AM COMING IN TWO MINUTES. SHECOMES AFTER FIVE MINUTES AND SAID TO ME TO SWITCH ONTHE VIDEO C.D.PLAYER. I SWITCHED ON THAN SHE PUT A XXXMOVIE IN IT AND SAID ME TO START IT. SHE THAN MOVEDTOWARDS ME AND STUCK TO MY BIG DICK WITH HER HANDS .MY BIG DICK WAS GETTING BIGGER . SHE THAN MOVE HERHANDS TOWARDS MY PANT BUTTON. SHE WAS MAD AND AGAINCOME CLOSER TO ME THAN I AM OUT OF CONTROL . THAN IPUT MY HANDS TO HER TITS AND MOVE THEM SLOWLY-2.NIPPLES GETTING LARGER . THAN SHE SAID ME TO BRING ONEPIECE OF ICE . I GOT THAT ONE PIECE SHE SAID ME TO PUTTHIS ICE ON TITS …..THAN REALLY I GOT RESULT HERNIPPLES MOVE UPWARDS LIKE ROCKET. SHE SAID DO TINOW….I THAN SUCK IT LIKE A MAN GOT WATER AFTER 20YEARS. SHE IS SCREAMING…OHHH AHHH…Aah! AahAah! AahAah!AHH IT GOES FOR ABOUT TEN MINUTES .She now made me lie down on the bed & she stood up .The sight of her breasts bouncing when she stood upmade me very hot. She touched my penis & said so youare a big She rubbed it up & down Squeezing it veryhard which made few droplets of pre-cum ooze out onthe tip of my penis. She looking me in my eyes slowlyjust touched her tongue to my pre-cum & then lickedit. She fondled my balls & squeezed my penis .I toldher that I would cum before I entered her. She saidshe wanted that I should first cum in her mouth sothat she can make me hard again & then let me fuck heras that way I would be able to fuck her for long timewithout cumming quickly. She licked my balls & withher tip of tongue licked the inner site of my cock toit tip. Finally she took the cock head in her mouth &sucked hard making slurping noise .She would take theentire cock till her throat & bring it out then rub itfor few seconds & would again take it in. She sensingthat I was about to cum concentrated only on sucking.The slurping sound of her made me cum loudly in hermouth .That day I might have cummed for almost aminute as if sending a gallon of cum in her. Sheswallowed it in & started licking my cock clean .I wastoo exhausted to look at her while she was cleaningme.When I looked at her I saw a drop or two of my semendripping down the corner of her lips. That made mycock spring up AFTER THAT SUCKING I WANT TO MOVETOWARDS HER CUNT. . SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME WHY I HADSTOPPED . I THINK THEN SHE REALIZE WHAT I WANT SHEPUSH ME BACK TOWARDS SOFA AND TAKE MY COCKA IN HERHAND THEN TAKE IT IN HER MOUTH . AFTER SOME TIME SHEMOVE ON BED AND LYING IN DOG STYLE BY GIVING ME HERASS HOLE . I AM TRYING TO GIVE HER MY BEST. THEN ITAKE MY COCK IN MY HAND AND TRYING TO PUSH IN HER CUNTIMMEDIATELY SHE TOOK MY COCK AND GIVE ME ROUTE TO HERPUSSY AND SUDDENLY I HEAR HER VOICE "AHHHHHH….. OHCOMMON FUCK ME HARD OH PLZ FASTER FASTEROHHHH.......AHHHHHHH...... NOW I AM OUT OF CONTROL ANDMY ALL SEMENS GET IN HER PUSSY REALLY I FUCK HER SOHARD THAT HER PUSSY BECOME SWALLOW She caressed myface & kissed me. We lay there naked for half an hour& then she stood up to clear the mess on the bed.If any feamle of any gae from karachi want sexsatisfaction or wat this kind of help or childlessfemale want sprem donnor then mail me on

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