Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Mom and Son

Hello friends This is shabdkumar again to tell u about mi children play andsex with mi mom. I was 10 and only child of mi parents and i use to sleep with mi mom as mi father was away to Mumbaifor some job and he is a driver taxi at Mumbaiand comes only once in three year and part away with the moneyhe broings and stay in
house for few days and then againgoes back to Mumbai.My mother being an ideal lady 30 years and nice buildup body ideal pair of boobs and nices buttock and hshe always keep me with herduring the night time closely to her i use to sleep with her and place mi hand on her boobs un intentioonally. But I dont know whether motheruse to enjoy the sex as she use to rub her puzzivery often I didnot knew why she use to do sosometime I have seen her puzzi i e mi birthplace i had a nice opening pinkish in color and shaven wellsometime mi mom use to ask me to suck theboobs like i sucked in mi childhood and use to rub her puzzi vigourously I never knew this is a sex actonly came to know after when i grew up and on thosedays father was in house and they use to faqq each other and I was asked to go to sleep in servants quaterthough there was no one in servants quarter butwe did have a servant quarterOne day i saw mi mom completely naked andsaw erection in mi own dick I was surprised to know this howdick has any connection with the body of ladythat was the last day of mi father in this place and wasto move to other placve i e mumbai Mom did all the acts father wanted to do and I was peeing in betwenas anal faqqing mouth faqqing and puzzi faqqing all in one dayi was looking as a wqatcher to any tournamentin which mom has won and father lost . Everytime i saw him taking out his dick without any erection while whenever he tried to enter it inside the puzzi oranus it was fully erectedMi dick was fully faltuu erected and i was notknowing wat to do with it suddenly i placed mi hand on mi dick and processs of rubbing startedand after vigourous rubb something came out of it it was whilte patch and shooted like a goliI was now knowing why it is when entered is erectedand while coming out it is just like ................We went to station for seeoff mi father and came backthat date i didnot slept with mimom and requested her that i will sleep in servant quartershe started weeping saying she needs me today more thanany other day. She insisted and i was with her but today the storywas different as I slept with her mi dick erected and touched the ass of mom and she too was surprised to knowand smiled at me and took hold of mi dick and suck it deeply and i cum out in her mouthshe thanked god ...... in part II I was 13 and mi mother 33 when father left her three years she was a bit disturbed but on that night i insistedthat i will sleep in servants quarterbut mi mom started weeping saying u r father deserts me for three years and now u dont want to stay with me and share mi bedAfter her pleading i joined her and now I was looking heras A lady instead of mi mother Now I was looking at her boobs the assets of the ladyher waist her hips her body as whole her curves and moulds and also think of her cunt and the hips i mean ass or anus what so ever u may sayShe was being looked at a maal for me andher body as playground for me so when i sleptwith her first night mi dick showed clearly the signof being a man dick full and erected touching her ass while i was with her and touching her boobs as per mi practice she too was thinking this is not the sameboy who use to sleep calmly with mebut now a grown up boy who came do anything of her choice she was keeping quitenessas i was nimbling with her boobs after lifting her kameez(shirt) keeping both the hands on herboth the boobs and she was enjoying it her smiling face was clearly visible in zero watt bulb and making no shikayat her nipples were fully erected andmi sucking of nipples was making her hornydo it slowly mi son..........was her requestas u r doing do mit i am enjoying but doit slowly i planted a big and huge kiss on the back of her body which she resiprocated by kissing milips and deep kiss and intermingaling of trounguesmaking me horny love making thoiugh none of mi job at this tender age but continous seeing the sex mademe pagal for sex she took off mi nickker and made me naked and she too took off her gown to show off wat she had.I was mad seeing her body started caressing her bodyand placed mi hand in her thighs and started rubbing it .the thighs were soft and hairless and chikni like makhan and miand was slipping all the way on her thigh touching uptomi birthplace. Her hairless cunt was also like a devi dwara for me at was looking at her in innocent wayshe showed me where to enter mi dickand how to make strong strokes. she placed mi dick on the royal opening of the cunt and ordered me to enter it I entered mi dick inside her puzzi and she ordered for making pounding on the puzzias i saw mi father doing.I started it and by doing inout and inout she was enjoying every pal moment of faqqing and cooperatiiongin all possible way by lifting her puzzi above and makingmi penetration as complete.We did it for three to four times in night and finally I surrendered before mom saying enough nis enough for todaybut she was not ready top hear saying this is a life time opputunity we sud enjoy the entire nightas it is suhagraat for her. I told mom I am with uat every moment of mi life we will do it tomaro thecomplete day and night and i kept the promise and also is keeping up the promise but in between one strange thing happened mi mom become pregnant and delivered a baby boy.whose child is this is thousand dollar questionas mi faqqing and faqqing by mi father match and in the veryfirst month of mi father left this message was given to meand to mi father.He was too happy to have a child after14 years of marriage first being me and second being the newborn baby who will grow up and faqq his mother too

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