Saturday, 12 April 2008

Milkig my sister at end of Function

The function was over and there where lots of relative’s from my family. They stayed there because it was now late. Mamma and I are like friends and we had a drink a half bottle of white rum after finishing it we went 4 walking and had a smoke. After an hour we reached home and he left with his friends for party asking me to be in house.

Now I was in deep sleep and after some time I went to urinate and I went to light a cigar. But I can’t find it so I switch on the night lamp. I was stunned to see a fascinating seen that my sister was sleeping in next room kept the door opened and her pallu was fallen and the right boob was visible because she was feeding her kid and because of tiredness she was in deep sleep I think she forgot to lock her blouse and I was tensed that what to do.

Before I had no bad intentions but because of alcohol devil I was aroused and I locked the door, went beside her I got a close view of her nice boobs it was milky white with a nice areola and a pink nipples of half an inch and inside that areola I can see small dots -dots in circular manner. My small lion in my shorts made a tent suddenly. I want to touch her titts but I was afraid to touch her. The green veins where visible and her areola and nipples where shinning because of the wetness of her kids saliva.

I slowly went to the other corner of the bed and slept there in the same position as before. Now my butt was just opposite to her butt. Suddenly I got an idea and I turned to my right side and came close to her now my hot breath was felling her shoulder because her blouse was low-cut in the back. I slowly raised my head and laid my head from the pillow to the position of her breasts so that if she turned to my side the right melon will be in my mouth. I was praying sincerely to God to turn her to my side. And I waited for some time and at last my prayer was successful. She turned to my side. Now her left boob was touching my nose and the lower portion of the right boob was on my left cheeks.

I was aroused and I controlled my sexual feelings. I slowly raised my eye to look is she in sleep I can see that she is in deep sleep. Then I slowly lifted her right part of the blouse. Now the snow white boobs where visible and her nipples shinning because of wetness of saliva of her kid and my hot breath was hitting her nipple. I got a close view of her large areola surrounded with black dots. I then slowly opened my mouth to take a nipple but I was afraid and my heart was pounding as it was a time bomb. I was little hesitating to mouth her nipple because it was wet with her kids saliva, so I slowly rubbed her nipple with the bed sheet and dried it. Then there was slight sign of response so I suddenly acted as I am in deep sleep.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes but she was in the same position. Now I can't control my feelings and cupped her right nipple with my mouth and milk began to flow and there was a small jerk from her body and from her breath and I was shocked. But God was with me, she moved close to me. I think “she thought that it was her kid sucking". I began to run my tongue around her large dark areola and drinking milk from her mammaries. But suddenly the kid who was lying behind her began to cry. She woke up and she was shocked to see that situation that her nipples in my mouth and drinking milk. As though I was afraid I became little bolder I began to suck hardily. I slowly moved my right hand and touched her right breast. I found her turgid nipples and started to fondle her breast. At this mami pulled away roughly and started to scold me to stop it. Instead I moved on top of her and through all the struggling started to kiss her lips and knead his aunt’s breast through the bra and her blouse.

The sensation was too much for her and she slowly started to relax allowing me to play with her body when her milk laden breast started to leak. I was so excited and my cock was jutting out under my shorts. The moment I felt my mami's breast milk in my hand I lifted the loose end of the saree and started to open her blouse hooks fully while mami tried to prevent me. Removing the hooks was too tedious so I caught hold of her blouse and tore it. The act shocked and excited mami and she gave a loud gasp. Then I pulled the bra up exposing both the white milk laden breast with the dark chocolate nipples and big aureoles. I groped both the breast with my hands and my lips descended to the nipples. The moment I sucked the nipples his aunt gave a groan and milk started to jut out into his mouth. Suddenly the baby started to cry and mami forcefully pushed me away. She tried to cover her breast with the saree while picking up the baby and quickly ran to another room.

I was really disappointed and at that moment my dick made a leek as I thought that the milk which I had drunken from my mami is gone through my dick. But I was afraid as if she might tell to my mamma about this and I thought about the other situations. It will be a big shame for me. So I had decided to leave Bangalore as early as possible. Next morning I woke early and packed my dress and told to mamma that I am going to my home and then he called my sister and I was afraid and shame to look into her eyes and I said goodbye to her in a low voice and mamma dropped me at the bus stand. I thanked God for several times because if mamma came to know about that what will be the situation’. But my sister asked me to wait and we had a lot of fun and sucking, I will share in next stories.

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