Sunday, 13 April 2008

Kavita........the poem

This is comlete work of fiction and has nothing to do with any thing real

This is Mohit I am 44 and have nice body and pleasant personality. I have very
short family just a daughter and a son. Daughter is just 19 and son is just 15.

My son is studying in Military School and daughter is living with me. Since my
wife expired long ago, My mother who is around 75 now a days is staying with me
to look after our household affairs. Since she is having old age problems So
her activities are limited upto kitchen and room adjoining to kitchen. We had a
maid servant named KIRAN who is around 30 a widow and she is looking after our
kitchen and other house hold affairs. Mom is supervisor only.

Our house is two storied house> i have my bedroom on the upper floor while my
daughter and my mother sleeps in ground floor.Some times my daughter shares my
bed also but it is too rare so I sleep my own way. Masterbation the only tool
I have to satisfy my male ego.

Kiran was a sex target in my house but they way she wrapp herself in clothes,i
hate her, she is more open then close in wear ing clothes.While she is brooming
my room her full tits are visible or cleavage showing is in as such way as she
is posing for some sex movie, so sex with her was not possible. Remaining my
mother, Shakuntala who was 65 at the time of death of my wife, is more like a
headmistress then a mom, so i cannot think of sex with her and remaining female
member in my house was my own daughter Kavita who is grooming as a nice lady
exatly like her mother she is tall and beautiful about 5 ft 4 inches high with
nice btits and round shaped bits(ass) I like her much but never think of having
sex with my own daughter.

But circumstances were different in saying, My urge for sex was increasing day
by day whenever i see a girl or a woman i feel losing my wife at an early age,
and then this was time for getting more satisfaction then ages gone. I was
feeling lonely but nobody was caring for me, my mother previously use to say
about remarrying me but now that chapter is over too. My mother fell ill and
was kept in a hospital near to my house and I had to come down to occupy the
room near the kitchen as my daughter was feeling lonely in that room, It had a
bed not big enough merely six ft long and four ft wide so i have to
liedown near and with my daughter Kavita.

It was Saturday so today was half day for me so we started earlier to see our
ailing mom. We reached hospital Mom was ok so we decided to go for a film. we
went to see a movie which was a good family entertainer. While we were
returning home a few yards away from our home it started raining. Finding no
shelter we decided to enjoy the rain and reached home fully wet . My condition
was that i was wet from top to bottom and even my undergarments were wet too so
i decided to first soak my body and then wipe it off by a towel. Same was the
position of my daughter she too was fully wet but to my astonishment she was
not wearing any undergarment as her clothes were completely sticked to her body
showing of the majors of her boobs and a line in between her legs leading to her
groin area.I asked her to get soacked first and then we will have a cup of
coffe. She tried to soak herself with towel and then She wrapped herself fully
in towel but even then her body major portion of her legs and thighs was exposed
and open. I while offering her cup of coffee, had a strange eyes on her thighs,
while she sat just opposite to me showing her thighs to me and also a ray of
hope in my mind to search out her golden gate. My senses were going out, I
forgot that the girl i am looking at is my own daughter. I searched out a bush
having darkness, i persumed that it is her groin area.

I smiled at her which she resiprocated with a smile and came near me and lay
down near me, my immediate reaction was to fondle her wet hair and also to
console and caress her body doing so my manhood got up and showed its
strength. .I started to rub my hands on her neck and she was enjoying it.. I
removed my towel and my manhood saluted her she was amazed to see it She was
looking my cock, I gave it in her hand then she started rubbing it. It was a
great feeling for me. Then I told her to drop her towel too. At first she
hesitated then agreed. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her randomly. I
can’t tell you how sweet, tight and hard her boobs were. I started kissing and
sucking them hardly. They were big in size like her mother but were too tight
and firm was rubbing her boobs gently and she was moaning and asking me not to
do like this. But who was cares. I was playing with her boobs and then I
engaged in French kiss with her at least 3 minutes. My tongue was exploring her
mouth. I was squeezing her boob and her nipples become stiff My hand moved to
her tummy and was pressing her navel. Then I moved my hand to her ssy, she
denied my enternace to way of her groin area but she failed in her mission and
i was successful in searching out the hole between the bushes but when it
reached there and now she spread her legs to give way to my hand and I put my
hand on her pussy. It was really too little. I was now rubbing her pussy by my
one hand and my other hand was on her boob. She said me this is not right for
us my dear papa. I told her not to disturb at this moment I have suffered a
lot for them My sex life has ended too soon only bcoz of you people then she
kept quite and said do as you like my dear papa.

As she was lying naked near me so there was no argument be tween us. I started
exploring her pussy and she was hot and horny She was enjoying it very much
and she started rubbing heavily my cock. She was a virgin girl and her hymen
seal was unbroken. I said, is she ready to fuck? Then she said to me, Papa
please do it to me slowly I answered don’t worry, it is first experience for
her but not for me I entered my dick in her pussy gently but the hole was too
small I had to apply some boroline over her pussy. I pushed it very slowly in
her pussy hole and with little struggle my cock went one/ forth in her hole.
She was screaming and moaning with low. And I put my lips on her lips when I
was pushing my cock full in her pussy hole and when I pushed it with full force
in her pussy she screamed but I pressed my lips on her mouth and absorb her
scream. She was now screaming and I was pushing in and out my cock in her
pussy. She was really feelingpain and her head was moving here and there. She
was saying it’s too pain. I really feel much pain. I took her tit in my mouth
and started sucking . I saw some blood on her little sweet hole; it means her
hymen seal broke. She was now saying to me ahh now its feel good. When you put
it first in my pussy it was too much pain. Now is very good ohh it is nice.
Fuck me hard. Why you didn’t fuck me before? Now go fast that I have no
objection. Now when you give me strong stroke I feel so good. On listening this
I began fucking her faster and more hard. Now I was jerking her fast. We both
were now flying in sky. She was saying by now that she loves me too very much.
She was sticking me and was saying that you fucked me first and I will never
let any one near to my pussy. You made me woman.

Then I started to move faster. She was crying due to pain but after some time
she started to enjoy sex with me. Then in enjoyment she was telling “Papa please
fuck me hard tear apart my pussy and make it into several dozen peices “i tole
her to keep my dick into her hole for ewntirte life she will enjoy it. I fucked
her sweet little hole at least forty five minutes. Now I was about to cum. I
took off my cock from her sweet hole and left my white liquid on her nipples.
She became very excited to see my white liquid on her boobs. I asked her, How
she is feeling? She answered this question by kissing my lips. After that we
enjoyed sex many times and she started sleeping in my room till mom recovered from ailment. THE End

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