Monday, 7 April 2008

Friend's sister Enjoyed Love Dreams

I used to watch my friend's sister because she got a great body. She was working atTrivandrum staying in a flat. During my vacation I joined her to study acomputer course at Trivandrum.these days as we were alone in the flat I gotlot of opportunities to see her body through peeping. I got hard by hersexy body. I used to collect her panty and some time used her panty. Thesmell made me mad. I used to rub it with my cock and masturbate
and I usedto cum on her panty. One day she saw me masturbating with her panty. Shescolded me. I was very sad. I told her sorry. She asked me why I amusing her panty. I told her I like her and she made me hot. She gotsurprised by my answer. But she also got some fantasy due to my action. After that she used to ask me lot of questions about sex and masturbation.She agreed to give me her panty for masturbation, but with a condition thatI should wash and gave back to her. I was glad. We used to sleep in onebed. And I used to masturbate on bed after she slept. But one night shesuddenly got up and switches on lights. I was nude with erect cock.but Ikept the courage and continued to stroke my cock .she looked at my cock.ishot my load on to her panty at her presence. She looked at my milk andcock with surprise. After that I used to masturbate in front of her. Sometime she sat near me and observed my work. One night I was tired and got asleep. She woke up me to give her usedpanty for that night. I told her I am not in a mood of doing anything. She asked me why; I told I am not getting any stimulation. She asked whatto do to get stimulation. I answered by direct stimulation with yourhands. I removed my lungi and asked her to touch my tool. With hesitationshe touched my cock.i told her to fondle it. With one hand she fondled it.Her soft hands made me hot. I got a semi errection.i asked her to use bothhands. She used both hands to stroke my cock.she looked with surprise asmy cock was growing in her hands. I hold her waist and kissed on her lips.With one hand I slowly couped her boobs.she stroked my cock fast. As I wasvery hot I shot my load on to her saree.This was our first experience. This repeated next days and I used to shot my load to her saree.aftertwo days she removed her saree because my cum making stains on her saree.soI came on her petticoat. This gave me an opportunity to see her body night when I reached at the edge I cried I am comingggggggg.To catch my cum, with out dropping it to down ,she lift her petticoat up sothat it fully cover my cock.but cock slipped from petticoat and touched herbare thighs.woww, I pressed more it to her thighs and I shot my load on herthighs.infront of me she wiped my milk using petticoat. Next night when Ireached climax I begged her to press my cock between her thighs. She alsoliked it and she pressed my cock between her thighs. Next day I requested her to show her nacked body. But she rejected myrequest. I begged her to show her boobs.she agreed with a condition that Ishould not touch it. She sat on bed and removed her blouse and bra. Shewas shy to expose her boobs. She put pallu of her saree on her boobs.but Icould she her nipples. I slowly removed her saree from her chest. Islowly fingered her nipples. She tried to stop me. But I begged her forthat beautiful pair of tits.i fondled her boobs.i bent down and kissed hertits.slowly my tongue started its job. I licked her nipples and took eachnipple inside my mouth to make it wet and sucked them. She moved back andlay down on bed. I lay down near her and started sucking her hard nipples.I pressed my hard tool on her thighs. I know that she is also gettingaroused with me. Her hands reached my cock and started to play with it. Iwas reaching the edge. So lift her petticoat up to feel her thighs. Thistime intentionally I lift her petticoat up to her waist to expose herpussy. She was in a dark blue panty. I started to play on her pussy.imoved her panty one side and feel her pussy directly with my fingers. Shegot a shiver when I pinched her cunt and juices started to come out fromher vagina.i inserted one finger into her hole and started to move in andout. She reached her first orgasm in her life, with a scream. I also wantto finish it and I moved up to enter her, but she begged me not to enter asshe wants to keep her virginity up to her marriage. I also don't want toforce her. So I pressed my tool on her naval and shot my load on herstomach.We used to do this every night up to her marriage. I even got a chanceto to suck her pussy but she did not allow me to penetrate her. Only I gota chance after two years, I will tell about that later mail me too.

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