Monday, April 14, 2008

Beti aur Baap Samaj ka Paap

I have read with great interest the stories in this site.. and finally decided to tell you about my own sex life.. which, I think you wall ill find quite erotic. I am Madhavi Gupta, a young housewife from a relatively backward part of India. My husband manages a business which he inherited form his father. My father in law, a widower, lives with us. He had started this business with his brother and has now almost retired, leaving the
business responsibilities to his younger brother and my husband. I have two sisters in law, both elder to my husband. They are both married and live with their in laws in the same city.I must begin by admitting that I wasnt all that innocent when I got married at the age of 21. In fact I had lost my innocence at an increbidly young age of just over 13 when I chanced upon my dad srewing our young maid servant. They saw me as I saw them, and was my dad nervous! I still cant help to giggle when I recall the shocked expression on my dad's face as he saw me. He was stark naked and on top of the equally naked girl.. and he just froze over her as he saw me. Poor dad.. worried sick that I would tell mom, he almost fell at my feet and promissed me anything I wanted - but just dont tell anyone about this thing - he pleaded. The cunning little brat that I was, I quickly siezed the opportunity to demand the moped had denied till then. "haan haan jaroor.. kal hi khareed doonga.." said my relieved father as he reached for his clothes. But his relief was short lived.. I insisted that I wanted to see what they were doing. Dad was very uncomfotable with this demand, but I didnt give him a choice in the matter. I had to see it. I was curious to know how it is done, and what was wrong in them showing me when I had already seen him do her? Dad had no answer.. but the problem was his erection had died and his dick was now limp as a dead mouse. He hesitatingly told me so.. "ab mera khada nahoga gudiya.." he said shyly and in a broken voice. The girl giggled naughtily at this.. she wasn't shy or nervous - she, in fact, seemed to be enjoyig dad's discomfort as much as I did. On an impulse, I held dad's limp penis and shook it - "yeh khada kaise hota hai?" I asked innocently. But lo and behold - as soon as I held his dick, it began to become hard in my hand! Though this was the first dick I had ever held in my hand, I didnt fail to notice the change in it and exclaimed in surprise that it was becoming big!Dad winced.. and the girl laughed as his dick raised its lovely head in my hand. Within seconds it was raring to go. Ohhh.. this was just wonderful! What a lovely thing guys had been given by nature! I was kind of mesmerized by the look and feel of dad's penis.. and just couldnt let go of it. I fondled it.. caressed it.. and.. well.. rubbed it on my cheeks. Then I asked dad if his thing was 'khada' now. He mumbeled yes.. and when I asked if he would do the girl now.. he said yes again. I reluctantly let go of his penis and the girl lay on her back. I watched curiously as dad put a pillow under her bums and spread her legs apart. I was watching closely as he guided his fat long dick to her vaginal lips.. and then.. ohhh.. it began to go inside her.. it actually did!This was incredible! I had some vague idea of what a fuck is.. but could never imagine that a woman actually takes a man's dick entirely inside her pussy. The girl was whimpering now.. pleading with dad to go slow as he rammed into her with force. But he ignored her pleas and continued to hump her. She was now moaning loudly.. "oooo.. oooo..." and was clinging to him hard. But after a while, she seemed to be getting tired.. she kind of slumped in dad's arms as he continued to ram into her. He was getting faster and faster.. and now I was actually getting worried for the girl. But then.. with a funny kind of noise.. "humphrrr..." he lay over her. His buttocks were opening and closing on their own as he lay motionless on the maid servant.. and I found that incredibly funny.. began to laugh uncotrollably at the sight.Well friends.. I got to go now and will continue with my stories later. But do tell me if I am entertaining you or boring you. I surely enjoy reliving these sizzling moments of my life as I write them. But that doesnt mean that you all will also like it. so do not hesitate to tell me if I am boring you.then i shud stop writing .

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