Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asha ki kiran

My sister Kiran is a few years older than me. I have thought Kiran was hot for some time know. I often masturbate while I watch her from my room when she is in her bathroom which has a opening from my bedroom too but it remains locked while she is inside but the key hole reveals all the happening inside the room..

This day our parents were out I was sitting on my bed reading a novel of swami satyaprakashjee maharaj about the life one has to spend without a partner I heard loud voice of my sister kiran from bathroom she was under shower at this moment i couldnot believe so i rushed to keyhole of bathroom as i was sticked to bathroom door it suddenly opened up so I was inside the bathroom and Kiran was standing there under shower completely naked. She stood next to me and asked me if I would rub some soap on her. I stood up and rubbed the soap on Kiran's back, then she turned around and said "Now the front." .
I stood there staring at Kirans boobs and my cock got hard.

"Go ahead, I know you want to, I have seen you watching me." Kiran said. I started rubbing soap on my sister boobs, and it was really turning me on. But then Kiran went even further and took my hand upto her pussy and she wished to fondle her pussy. My mouth dropped and my eyes popped out, I was staring at Kiran's pussy. I had thought about seeing Kiran naked I had masturbated over in my the thoughts, and here I was looking at my naked sister who then told me to rub soap around her pussy which I willing did. "Now I get to rub soap on shed all your clothes my dear younger brother" Kiran said.
She rubbed it on my back and my chest.
"Know your cock." Kiran said.

But I stopped her, my cock was so hard I didn't know if I wanted Kiran to see it, and if she touched it I thought I would cum. I told Kiran about this, and she said she wanted to see me to cum. So I let her rub sunscreen on my cock and I did come in Kiran’s hand she smiled and licked my cum off her fingers.
"Now you make me cum." Kiran told me.

So I rubbed her pussy and made her cum, I made my big sister come. That is as far as we went.
The next time we were alone Kiran came into my room walked up to me and pulled down my pants knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock. My totally hot sister was sucking my cock. When I came in her mouth she swallowed all my cum. Kiran remove her panties and laid down on my bed and spread her legs.
“Lick me” she told me.
Being the good obedient brother that I am I started to lick. I was the first pussy I had tasted and it was my sister’s. I lapped up Kiran’s juices as she came on my face. I wanted to fuck Kiran’s then and there but she said I would have to wait.
My chance came when our parents went away for a week.
It was time to go all the way. I told Kiran I wanted to fuck her. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. We took off our clothes.

“Lay on the bed” Kiran told me.
When I was on the bed Kiran took my hard cock inside her pussy. The feeling of my cock sliding into my sister’s pussy nearly made me mad and cum right then. Kiran rode up and down on my cock. Her beautiful boobs bouncing in front of my face. I couldn’t hold out long.
“I’m cumming” yelled.
“Fill me with your cum” Kiran replied.

Which is just what I did. We fucked constantly for the next week. We never wore clothes at nights during the whole week. My cock felt so good in Kiran's pussy and the fact that she is my sister made it so much better.
Kiran moved out oif station to find a job of nursing in nearby town and i was asked to accompany her till her training is complete and she is on regular jobs I was very happy about it because it meant I could fuck her when ever I wanted to have . Which meant I spent most of my time there. I never felt as happy as when Kiran and I were fucking. we are still enjoying sex you

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