Sunday, 13 April 2008

Anju, the land ladys daughter

I was worried at the happenings of post lunch session of my Bank when I tried to molest physically the Land Lady's daughter Anju. More over so due to my job I will get more defame, and disrepute to my job if the FIR is made against me by either G P or maaji of Anju but my sex drive was proving fatal for me. I was thinking
of my fate and viewing it as dark but in the meatime i thought if it is going to happen why not i should fuck this little girl. I invite Anju again to my room and opened her up now by removing her frock and chaddi she was wearing. She was standing totally naked before me I started licking her body the little boobs may be of 32 size. having nipple of pinkish color. I was sucking each nipple one by one and fondling other by my other hand. She was getting hot and hot and horny. my other hand was on her cunt and was making way to enter my rod into her cunt.But of of sudden the door of our house was knocked by her maa and i have to leave the things halfway.

I asked her to dress up and opened the door with heavy heart. She was standing there and her daughter fled to her room. I greeted her with folded hands and asked about what happened to her pension she told the due to some problem at Bank she had to come back empty handed but her sasur is right there and Bank has promised to give pension to him and he will come back late in the night or probably by morning if he dont get any conveyance. In one way i was relieved I asked her for a glass of ewater and then followed by a cup of tea in my room it self. She was all satisfied with my services. In the meantime her daughter came in. Her face was shining after first finger fuck by me and was with her mom. Her mom thanked me for taking care of her daughter.She was relaxed for some time and she sat on my bed , I dont know what she thought and lay down on my bed saying

" I am too tired"

" should I help you in any way to getout your tireness"

"Oh no you cannot do that, You hold such a big post(Bank managers post) it is our goodluck you are staying with us and having food from us"

" Please let me know what i can do for you"

"Can you relive me of my tireness"

"Yes why not when you people are doing too much for me, why i can not do any thing for you" saying this i took hold of her leg and started pressing it.

"Oh no not in this way"

" Then what way tell me bhabhijee"

" Come close to me, I will tell you"

"I went to close to her and she kissed me on my forehead as elder then on my lips as a girlfriend and then pressed my body against her"

I was stunned to have such a treatment from my land lady, that too when her daughter was standing there.

Oh ok......."I will serve you any way you want"

I started opening her blouse buttons and saw a beautiful pair of boobs approximately sized 36 opened before me exactly nipples were pink as her daughter had.i started sucking the nipple but to my surprise her daughter started opening my pant buttons and taking out the fully erected dick of my and she started rubbing it gently. Bothe maa and beti were got naked by me. Bothe the cunts were before me.

I first tried to fuck the land lady by placing my dick to her marble looking cunt the daughter was holding my bums and was pressing my bums for strokes. I started making stroke as she was a married lady and the way was too soft for me to enter my third or fourth attempt i got my full dick inside her. Now I was doing ups and down and ups and down She was making a low vopice cry ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ouch.........mmmmmmm..........
.the daughter was from behind licking my body and making me erotic and hard. My strokes went on and after about 15 minutes wqorkout I cummed...that too inside her cunt. She cried what you have done DEAR SARDARJEE.. oh tushi daro mat i will take care of you bhabhijee.I finished my job and her pain or aching body was relieved........She was smiling and told me that she will have to offer her cunt to her sasur so that if any thing happen he will take care of. It is your sweet will Bhabhijee but please tell me whether i can fuck this little girl too.

"Had not fucked her yet"

" Only today I had finger fucked her"

"dont do any thing to her today, as you have to fuck me once more becoz the Budha may come anytime in the night"

Oh ok we will see the Bus fromcity comes at 8 pm I will see to it if he dont come I will fuck you in the night...........right or if you want right now I am ready I will have a cup of tea AND then i am ready. Tea was ordered to Anju she prepared three cup of tea we took it together and I was ready for assault. to be continued............

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