Wednesday, April 2, 2008

7 Best Days

I am Ragini Mishra from a small town ship near Allahabad .I am now 29 and My elder brother's friend Rohit Mishra who is 34 we happily lived with our parents we had a medium land holding and were satisfied family until one day our parents died in road accident.This was a big shock to our small family as we dont have any near
relation with us so all the formalities of creamation etc was performed by my brother's friend locally and for immersion of remains of our parents we went to Allahabad sangam where we stayed for seven days and this is story of those seven days I spent with my brother's friend in a hotel in allahabad for last rites of our parents which changed our entire life and we are now living in Mumbai as husband and wife having two lovely children. Our nebors even dont know we are real brother's friend and sys's friend living as husband and wife.

It was Sep 25 1995 when our parents expired and we rushed to Allahabad for immersion of remains of our parents. The pundits in Allahabd told us to perform certain rituals which will take around 7 days until 13th dayof our parents is performed so we hired a room near sangam to be near ganga and pundits.We hired a room and settled down . The room was 12x10 with a Bed sized 4x6 and having attached bathoom we took meals earlier and came back in our room and laid down on the bed as cool breeze was blowing we soon went to sleep since bed was not big enough to accomodate two grown up persons hence our bodies were colliding with each other. sometimes in the night I felt a hand on my body searching out something and finally settling down on my boobs. Since i didnot carried much of clothes with me so i was wearing simple salwar kameez with no bra or panty and my boobs were sized as 34 d . So I felt my brother's friend hand on my boobs over the clothes and he was pressing my boobs I thought it may be some mistake on the part of my brother's friend to press my boobs but his continuous efforts made me sure that he is doing it intentionally. I did not objected and never wanted to make a scene out of it.So he continued and started nimbling my nipples too. Night went on neither he went further nor I objected to it but in the morning I felt his hardon on the opening of my ass.Since no further act was performed so I kept mum and enjoyed a little sex act of my brother's friend. We got up in the morning and having daily chores went to Sangam for further performance of last rite We were on the ghats for performance of rites of our parents. We were advised to have a dip in the sangam and then come to pundits jee. We had a dip and sat before pundit jee. I was completely wet clothes on and every part of my body was completely visible even boobs and my nipples. Since pooja was of around 30 minutes and it was finished within time and large offerings was made to pundit jee and we came back in the room though I was now dried by the breeze on the ghats of Ganga but i decided to change the clothes and asked my brother's friend to change the face away from me.

So was he with face away from me I changed my clothes and we took our breakfast cum lunch and wished to have a nap before we go out to market to spend our day long.He decided to purchase some clothes for me and some clothes for him also while I perferred to have salwar suit and my brother's friend preferred to have lungi and banian only for me he purchased a nighty .In the after noon (though not morally right but) we saw a movie in a local cinema it was a semi hot movie from south with sheela as herione where she exposed much of her body.My brother's friend was looking at me cunningly but i was smiling at his move. I knew the intentions of my brother's friend but i was helpless as i have to spend some more days with him so i was looking at after the film was over it was already six thirty we decided to goto Ganga ghat to spend few hours there also. We sat on ghats and we were sitting side by side and my brother's friend was having his hand kept on my shoulder and was having his 2 closeness to me probably he wanted to hug and kiss me but was not daring to do so in the open. We came back after remaing there about 3 hours and had our dinner on the way. When we came back to room it was already 10.30 and we went to our room where in was asked by brother's friend to change the clothes. I worn his choicest clothe the nighty he purchased for the night and he wore lungi and t shirt . We slept peacefully until one or two hours and my brother's friend started his game by keeping his hand on my boobs but now from inside me nighty and and touched his erected lund on my ass. I was enjoying his act and wished that the gentleman should directly fuck me instead of doing all this nonsense acts since i too was at marriageable age and wished to be fucked by him or any body else and was too hot by his acts but wanted that my brother's friend should approach me directly and do the things with my wishes also i should accept his proposal. But the entire night went he did not dared to go further to his act and the night was spent like other nights and I remained UNFUCKED

Today we had to feed to pundits in Allahabad so we went earlier to ghats since all was arranged priorly so dont have any work just to sit there and have a watch on ther pundits whether they are properly fed or not. We sat there for entire day and had our food there also and came back in the evening to the room and slept in the same ways we use to hence nothing new to explain but today i decided if brother's friend will touch me i will teach him a lesson either he should not lit fire and he lits then he should also be brave enough to water the fire also. So the first phase of night went and in the second phase he it was around 2 o clock he started to pay the game. When he put his hand on my one of the boobs I forced him to take away his hand from my boob and said "oh Rohit you know I am your sys's friend and this is wrong to have such acts with me"

" But Ragini I know you are my sys's friendi but wat I can do when two grownup people are lying in the same room with grown up desires and like each other much"
"But if you cannot complete the act what is fun of starting it" Oh no Ragini I will today finish it today to the final I was a little bit hesitant to start and finish I was afraid that u will take it otherwise" I am taking it otherwise but when you are not completeing the acts making me horny and then not doing any further act makes me sad.

When he got green signal from me He came closer to me and kiss me passionately and hugged me as if i am his wife.But the way he kissed and hugged me was a good thing for me i was hot and horny for the last two days and his approach made me satisfied that we are going in a proper way to find out our relations HIS ACTS WERE making me hot enough to cooperate him in sex plays so i kissed him too and hugged him tightly with my boobs pressing his chest WE were in such a act which was enough to lead into finale of of the match going on for the last three days His hands were working in such a way besides keeping and holding me tightly he was opening my bra and lifting my nighty upto the boob area. and his was making me to unzipp him. Which i was doing when i unzipped him his lund was out it was like a iron rod fitted to the lowere p[ortion of his body. He lifeted my nighty and made me completely naked and started licking my boob and nimmbled another boob by his handtips His nimbling was making me completely mad and i was finding no way to escape neither i wanted to escape from such a situation. The air in the room was being hotenup while the outside air was cooling it down but the hottness inside me was making me just mad. he too was not in good state and i was handling his dick properly. with upand downing his standing dick.

The upper portion of the dick was shining and i leaned down and kissed the dick Condition of both of us was not in proper so we decided to lay down on bed and start it properly.

He lifted me upto bed and i lied down there and he came upon me by holding his big dick in his hand I was afraid of his dick whether it will go smoothly inside me or create a strom inside my pussy which was wet by this time. My brother's friend kept his mouth on the pussy and cleared of all the wetness from that area and kept his dick on the opeing of my cleanshaven pussy and made a strong move but the dick was not properly in so it went hewre or there but where i dont know.
He made another move to assualt my pussy by holding his dick right on the opening of my pussy and made a move and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddd it entered a little inside made me to cry loudly but he kept hand on my mouth and told me not to cry otherwise hotel staff will know and will create a problem for both of us. So i kept mum but it was paining. I told my brother's friend he assured me full pleasure if i bear some pain. So his next move was very heavy on my pussy half of his dick was in and i was crying in very low voice ohhhhhhhhhhhh mar dala bhaiyya please nikal lo but he was not in mood to take his dick out and made further moves to enter it fully inside my pussy. His attempts succeeded and his dick was inside me and he was consoling me for good and pleasurable results of this fucking.
I was in pains but had to bear the dick so my brother's friend started harder but softer moves for deep penetrating his dick inside and was making it in and out and my pain was turning into pleasure nowi was enjoying every move with pleasure. He started making fast moves and i was copperating him by lifting my fudi upto his dick and we both were on the top of the world making each other full cooperation and amking this mission successful. and we succeeded in this mission and came together He licked and cleaned my pussy whereas i was made to clean his dick which i did and sucked every drop which was left inside the dick.
This was our fourth day in the next three days he made me full grown aurat and his wife also our creamation and attending last rites of our parents made us husband and wife his filled my maang with sindoor during the last day of our stay and we celebrated our Suhaagraat thereitself in another hotel where we stayed as husband and wife.

We shifted to Mumbai immedaitely after where i gave birth to baby boy and in next three years in gave birth to Baby girl and our family was complete. My brother's friend cum husband is driving a taxi and I am attending to children and we are peacefully living in mumbai.
Rest is fine we fuck daily as we fucked on first night.

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