Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Ravina, My Sister

welcome to the exotic world of sexvex and lovers of mummies sisters daughters and daughters in laws mausi buas and other who enjoy their cherry to the maximum extent and give their nice experiences to us and also to sexvex for giving us chance to reveal our facts to many fuckers for telling their stories and their experiences to
us,My experience with sex is very good and I enjoyed every moment of sex with mi mother and sister and too with the friends of the sisters and mi mausi even.All have given me such an experience that I am perfect in sex act as well as become loveable of all may it be mi mother or mi sister.Since with mother it is not so much but with mi sister it is too much hence I am starting with mi sister Ravina 22 5 ft 6 inches 55 kg wheatish colored and long hairs, rosy lips , 34 sized bits and 36 sized tits. Story is around four years ago while I Ramesh was 20 years old and mi sister already MARRIED to a gentleman in Sitapur having good business there and handsome personality. It was their second year of mariage and were not having any children. I joined an office in lucknow and was living there mi mother was at Hardoi alongwith mi father agriculturist.Mi sister desired to visit to Lucknow and wishes to see the capital of UP. so I brought her up to this place I was living in Mahanagar in a rented house It was just one room set along with Kitchen and bath.As i brought her up to this place prior to this i use to eat outside but Now she use to cook for me. and we go around Lucknow and roam here and there seeing all the nice places like guatama budhha park and host of other beautiful place Bhool bhulaiyya was one among them. I lost her in that place but later i discovered her> She was so much disturbed after that i hugged me tightly and remained in the state for quirte longtime weeping and afraid for not the same happening more.During the course i felt her bossoms and shivering in mi body and the evil desire of sex cropped in mi mind. How sexy was mi sister I realised Her mere touch has made me think of bad about her and sinister desired crropped out in mi mind.We roamed here and there upto 11.00 pm and came back in room we were too much tired and immediately fell to our beds and slept immediately. Suddenly i found a hand on mi body i thought the siter is thinking of her husband and by mistake touching me and i took aw3ay her hand from mi body. Which she again placed on mi chest by opening the upper buttons of mi shirt she was caressing mi body as well. This sparsh was giving me sensation about mi sister but i was in full control of mi sensations until her hand reached upto mi pant and she tried to open the buttons of mi pant also.I wispered in her ears didi it is me ramesh u r younger brother but she was not in a mood to hear me. I again and again tried to make her feel me but she was not in mood to accept the reality. So I left the idea of reminding her about me but tried to cooperate her and see wat she want from me.I was lying motionless and she was forwarding vvery fast first she opened mi shirt and then opened mi pant and mi underwear and controlled mi dick and started rubing it. it was getting erection but i was motion less thinking her to be mi elder sister. Finally when mi dick was fully erected and standing like pole she asked me to come for doing the rest mof sex act> I took her up in mi laps and started opening herclothes and first it was blouse and then unhooking of bra On seeing her cute pair of boobs I was surprised to see the crop has grown so much.I first saw them when they were less the mulberry sized once she was bathing in bathroom and by mistake i entered in the bathroom to piss though at that momernt I felt sorry and scolded her for not closing the door. Now the mulbery sized boobs have become watermelon sized tight boobs. i started pressing and sqeeing them and went on doing so for couple of minutes In the middle she reminded me to suck them. I took pinkish nipples in mi mouth and sucked on and pressing the boobs with second hand , she again took mi hand and kept on her petticoat which i lifted and saw pinkish panty there i saw it wet and i tried to open the panty and by touching her pussy it was" makhmali ahsaas" she was having hairs on her cunt and I was FEEEEEEEELING GOOD. the fingering started by me was making her wild and she atarted moaning and oh bhaiyya fuck me hard ..................... fuck me hard.................fuck me hard.................and maoning started.I placed mi dick on her pussy and saying Jai Ganesha I entered mi dick in side her pussy and " Bhai behan Ke sharam ko taak per rakh kar use chodne laga" I started making strokes and she was enjoying every stroke i was making and also helping me in every stroke . after around fifteen minutes i was about to come and told her so but so requested to delay it as she want longer and stronger fuck and she was she in mood for longer fuck so I took out for while and started it again after taking a breaki RESTARTED THE ASSUALT ON PUSSY AND SHE WAS HAPPY THAT i have restarted the mission left incomplete. By strokes were making her wild and she was moaning at every hit to her pussy finally her pussy gave signal that she is too tired and is unable to bear me more i too cum inside her pussy(after taking prior permission from her during the commericial break) She enjoyed raw fucking by her brother and me too enjoyed the fucking. In the morning as mi dick was standing like kutub minar she wish for one more fuck i obiliged her. The next day being holiday we fucked fucked and fucked and enjoyed and enjoyed the day long.she remained with me exactly one month and whoile month was her and her pussy.We fucked all the holes and all the possible ways may it doggie style or any other style . During the course of her stay she made many a friends and introduced them to me and requested them not to keep her brother thirsty. She left for Sitapur after one months stay with me via Hardoi where she stayed for few days and I too accompany her and had a hard fuck there too but mi mom came to know about our relations.Next time mi mom and me within few days as she smelled out inbetween relations of me and Ravina and she wanted to encash/blackmail me about the ..................until then bye with promise for next story next time

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