Saturday, March 29, 2008

My sweet darling student

I am Kamaran from Pakistan. This is a story how I fucked my sweet student Ayesha only two years ago. I was 25 years old that time and very smart looking Youngman and she was about 17 years old reading in second year a little plump but has very fair complexion and big boobs and size about 34-30-36 and her fat round ass attracts men towards her. Now lets move towards the story in detail.I was reading in the final year
at that time and one of my class fellows asked me to teach a male student who reads in tenth. First I refused as I had to teach them without fee but when he persisted I agreed. He told me that I will have to teach only for couple of months as there are exams soon after that and I agreed. So the following day I went with my class fellow to their house and and he introduced me with them. There I saw two girls as well and later came to know that they were his sisters Ayesha and Saima. Ayesha was elder and saima was younger than him and I was also introduced with the boy (Ali)whom I had to teach.So I started teaching Ali the next day. 4 or five days during teaching , she used to come and sit beside her brother in the veil. After a few days, please do teach her as well. So she started reading as well and for few days she left her veil and during studies she started getting more and more bold and free. She started joking as well and did not care for her brother. Sometimes when brother is not at home, she used to study alone. I started touching her hand and she started sexy jokes as well but it was a rare chance when she studied alone. Soon the two months passed and Ali was free after exam but his mother asked me to continue teaching Ayesha and I was much pleased to hear that. Ali most of the time used to stay outside and his father, I rarely used to see him at home. So when I went their home only Ayesha, Saima and her mother were at home. They rarely come close to us during studies.we started telling jokes daily about sex but she did not let me touch her.

One day while her mother was taking a bathe and her sister wasn’t home I caught hold of her hand. She resisted but then let me hold it. I placed it on my crotch and she felt it then getting more and more bold I opened the zip and showed her my 6 and half inch long penis which was also 1 inch thick. She said : yeh kahan chuppaya hua tha yeh to bada mota hai tumharay mukablay mein.(where had u hidden it, it is more healthy than you). She started massaging it and I also felt her big boobs. They were very soft but soon she stopped me and said her mother might come. I tried a lot but she didn’t agree and I had to keep my dick back as well. After that chance she often touched my penis and I her breasts but only over the clothes. Then after 3 days she stopped me and said we should be serious and then she didn’t let me touch her and even she didn’t touch me either. I didn’t know what happened to her. Soon after a week one day when I went to her home after almost 45 min I saw her mother was in the veil and was ready with her younger daughter Saima to go somewhere and asked me not to leave the house till they came. I was shocked and happy at the same time because it was the chance of my life and I did not want to lose it but was afraid and nervous as well. I didn’t know what would happen as Saima was not in good terms with me. As they left the house Saima locked the out door and when she came I asked her to sit in my lap. She refused for the first time and said she is not such kind of girl but I repeated the words and asked again and was astonish that she sat in my lap without saying any word this time and I soon cupped her breasts and kissed on her lips. After a couple of min she stood up and said enough and lets study now but I wasn’t ready for that and I held her hand and again made her sit in my lap and she sat. I entered my hand under her shirt and felt her breast in the brassier and started massaging them under the brassier. O my god after sometime she started moaning in pleasure like ahhhhh…. I felt myself in heaven. Then I asked her to just stand up and I opened my zipper and pulled her shalwar(Pakistani Dress) towards her knees and made her sit again and started touching her breasts and kissing on lips at the same time. She was really enjoying as she got hold of my penis under her and started rubbing on her cunt(phuddi) and asked me mammay zara zore se dabbao(rub my breasts with force) and I obliged. Then I tried to enter my penis in her sweet little pussy but did not succeed as we were in a very awkward position and she was wet there and my dick got slip at her hole. So she got up of me and turned of the light but on my insistence she turned it on and then she took off her shirt and put it beside on the chair and then she unhooked her brassier and o my god I saw her big boobs for the first time and they were really big and when I touched them they were very soft. I never saw such a pair of tits in my life though I had seen some in my life but they were really making me mad and I started them touching and then she asked me to suck them and I obliged immediately and sucked them and she started moaning in pleasure and was really enjoying and asked me : poora moon mein lo( take full in the mouth) and she was in heaven as I guessed from her moaning like ohhhhhhhhh my god bada maza aa raha hai (oh I am enjoying) then she held my penis and started masturbating as there was already laking the precum from it. I said her jokingly as I knew that she wont agree but I said please suck it. She said it is very dirty but I said you would definitely enjoy that and she agreed and she put it in her mouth. First she put only its head and suck it and then she cleaned the precum and then put it again in her mouth and sucked it like a slut. I was in heaven o my god that was my first blowjob of my life though I had fucked few girls but no one sucked me. After some time I stopped her as I was near climax and I did not want to waste my energy as I had something else in my mind and she stopped. I asked her to pull off her shalwar as well and she did so. She also asked me to get naked and I also did the same. Now we were naked and I saw her cunt and there were a dark bush there and I don’t like them and I asked her why she didn’t clean her pussy. She said I like them. She asked me it is your turn now to lick her pussy. I felt it very disgusting but I said when you would shave i would do but she insisted and I had to do but really it was very tasty and she tought me how to lick it as it was my first experience. I licked her cunt for almost 6 to 7 min and she came but I didn’t lick that fluid.
Now she was really very hot and asked me: ab mere puddi maro aur is ke pyass bujhao(now fuck me and satisfy me) she laid on the sofa and I got hold of her legs and lifted them up and put them on my shoulders and put my penis with one hand on the hole of her pussy and pushed it but it slipped and did not enter and I tried again, and it didn’t enter but in the third attempt it went half in as in shame I pushed it with mighty force and she cried and said : yaar meri choot phadni hai kia aaraam se karo.(darling u r tearing my pussy please do with ease) I said ok darling ab araam se he karoon ga(ok darling I will do it slow now) and started fucking slowly and after some time I was completely in her vagin rather I was in heaven. I started kissing her on her lips and rubbing her sweet boobs and o my god she was very hot girl I never saw such a girl in my life as I felt her legs around me and she was also pushing herself by lifting her buttocks with the rhythim of fucking and moaning with pleasure and saying ohhhh haayaaaaa allah and after some time when I was close to cum I told her and she said please bahir nikkao mujhay pregnant mat kerna( please get it out and don’t make me pregnant) I got it out and she said fuck my tits and she held her tits in both hands I started fucking her tits and soon I was there and some of the cum fell over her nose, mouth and tits I asked her to lick it but she didn’t agree and she cleaned all the mess and then I asked her to let me fuck her in the ass but she didn’t agree at that time. Then we laid on the bed together for some time and I sucked her tits and she masturbated And sucked me and I was ready for another but she forbade me and said mom and Saima may come at any time. She asked me to wear clothes and she also did that. After that I was shocked to see that she was weeping and tears were falling down from her cheeks. I asked what h open she said that you took my virginity and what would happen when she would marry someone. I was very much worried that if her mother came at that time what would she say to us. I consoled her and said nothing would happen as I would marry her and then she stooped weeping. I felt that it was trap for me but I knew it was only a promise and promises are only made to break. Soon after that her mother came and I left the house as they entered. I thought I wont come their home again at her behavior in the end but didn’t know that it was my fault and it was just the beginning. Ok dear if you liked this story please send remarks were you liked or not I would wait. If any aunty, sisters, moms, girls, students want the fuck of their life near Lahore(Punjab) they can contact. And everything would be only between us. However any body who want to talk about sex they are also welcomed no matter they are boys or girls my id and my cell no i would give only those who can send me mail. I would come next time only if got response and till then Ok bye.

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