Saturday, 22 March 2008

My mentor My Mom

Hello friends This is shabdkumar again to tell u about mi children play and sex with mi mom. I was 10 and only child of mi parents and i use to sleep with mi mom as mi father was away to Mumbai for some job and he is a driver taxi at Mumbai and comes only once in three year and part away with the money he brings and
stay in house for few days and then again goes back to Mumbai.My mother being an ideal lady 30 years

and nice buildup body ideal pair of boobs and nices buttock and she always keep me with her during the night time closely to her i use to sleep with her and place mi hand on her boobs un intentioonally. But I dont know whether mother use to enjoy the sex as she use to rub her pussy very often I didnot knew why she use to do so sometime I have seen her pussy i e mi birthplace i had a nice opening pinkish in color and shaven well sometime mi mom use to ask me to suck the boobs like i sucked in mi childhood and use to rub her pussy vigourously I never knew this is a sex act only came to know after when i grew up and on those days father was in house and they use to fuck each other and I was asked to go to sleep in other room
though there was no one in other room but
we did have a another bedroom
One day i saw mi mom completely naked and
saw erection in mi own dick I was surprised to know this how
dick has any connection with the body of lady
that was the last day of mi father in this place and was
to move to other placve i e mumbai Mom did
all the acts father wanted to do and I was peeing in between
as anal fucking mouth fucking and pussy fucking all in one day
i was looking as a watcher to any tournament
in which mom has won and father lost . Everytime i saw him
taking out his dick without any erection while when
ever he tried to enter it inside the pussy or
anus it was fully erected
Mi dick was fully faltuu erected and i was not
knowing wat to do with it suddenly
i placed mi hand on mi dick and processs of rubbing started
and after vigourous rubb something came out of it
it was white patch and shooted like a goli
I was now knowing why it is when entered is erected
and while coming out it is just like ................
We went to station for seeoff mi father and came back
that date i didnot slept with mi
mom and requested her that i will sleep in other room
she started weeping saying she needs me today more than
any other day.
She insisted and i was with her but today the story
was different as I slept with her mi dick erected
and touched the ass of mom and she too was
surprised to know
and smiled at me and took hold of mi dick and suck it
deeply and i cum out in her mouth
she thanked god and said finally I got u mi son
mi days are easier now and................

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