Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My friend is my sister

Hi I am 23 years old from hyderabad this is a real story happened in my life i have a friend her name is Sonia her age is 22 she is my friend as well as my sister . We r very close she is growing day by day and I am getting sexy feeling on her we use to talk daily about sex she liked it very much she use to talk sexy words so
we decided to do sex when we got a chance one fine day came we alone alone in house . She is in punjabi dress we decided to do sex .she sat on sofa . Then i went near her and asked permisssion to catch her big breasts she smiled and she took my hand on to her breasts i pressed it slowly she started to moan slowly like ahhhhhhhhh then itook on to bed and removed her dress one by one she did not wear bra inside she has a lovely boms with hard pink nipples standing straight . I make her naked then i saw her pussy saved she removed my dress now she shocked by seeing my 7 inches cock she caught it suddenly and she kept in her mouth in no time i shocked towards her she started sucking it for 10 mts i cummed on her face she drank all over my juice now it is my time i slowly insetred my big cock into her sweet puku (pussy) and she asked me to pump slowly as she got some pain but she did not asked to stop my cock fully entered into her pussey now and i statrted pumping it faster and faster she moaned like ahhhhhhh and sound like tuph tuph is coming while iam pmping she started to speak dirty words like dengu dengu gatiga dengu ra na puku nekosame ra ne sula chala bogundi ra nanu full ga dengu ra plz and she started to beg ne to do more at last we both cummed and we enjoyed a lot we did five time sex that night now we r continuing whenever we got chance i hope we enjoyed a lot so if any ladies all type of ladies who want sex especially from hyderabad and minly in miyapur can contact me on my mail bunnudu@yahoo.com and also on satish_rameshs@yahoo.co.in

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