Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mukti - My sister's friend

hello friends shabdkumar again with new story of mi sister's friend Mukti, she was 22 and staying in our place of stay as hosteller but ususally on holidays use to come to our house and stay there for full day and night and reports back on working day next.

Mi eyes were glued on Mukti, whenever i see her i use to think about her and her sealed contents like boobs and cunt and other private parts and expressed mi intentions about this to mi sister but the reply i always get was time is not ripe for this things hence u please wait.
And i was waiting for the moments when Mukti will be in mi arms to prove mi intentions for Mukti sometime i use to play with mi dick in before mi sister and she use to laugh and say"Tumahara pet kabhi bharegaa kee nahin" main jawab deta oh no sister till u r here i wish to fuck every of u r friend and if u please u too.
Time came when mi maaa who was a office goer decided to go to delhi with her boss to attend a seminaar there. I know it is a Bhahana mi maaa use to make they will be staying in some hotel nearby to this city or may be in delhi and fucking bcoz when ever mi maaa use to return from delhi she use to have expensive jewelllery and clothes woth her saying these are purchased for mi didi marriage.
So we were all alone in the house and that was friday and the day of Mukti was saturday evening. I was very anxiously waiting for MUkti to come and mi sister to seduce her and offer me as mi next prey for fucking .For this i use to have viagara like pill for me a day before the final countdown. So Mi maaa left on friday night for delhi train and we came back after leaving her at station. As the train timing was late night hence when we came back it was already another day means morning of saturday we were too tired and came home and went to bedroom directly and slept there. With mi sister in mi arms and keeping her head on mi chest. We slept like that for quite few time and after two three hours say in morning of saturday as i was urging to urinate mi dick was getting erection and this erection was touching the ass of mi sister, probably she was in semi sleep position hence she was smiling while sleeping. I took a long kiss of mi sister and smooched. she replied with very low voice "Kaya hain subah subah". Arre kuch nahin didi just shaitan jag gaya hain " To use sula do na" Ok didi koshish karta hoon" theek hain kah kar woh ekdum bindaas hokar bed paer pasar gayee". I started opening the shirt worn by her and to mi surprise she was not wearing any bra and opened her salwar also. and shedded mi clothes too.

we were naked and without any formal foreplay in started the game and fucked her in a nice way hearing her ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh and ouch and nimbling her boobs and sucking them too. and she was fully resiprocating in mi play and we both landed in the land of happiness and enjoyed and slept again.
It was around ten when i heard the voice of milkman and hurriedly worn mi clothes and went to milkman for milk. He said oh kaya bhaiyya jee etni der laga dee main kaha arre raat ko der se soye the is liye.
I prepared two cup tea and served mi tea to mi sister who was still in bed and was snoring high. I wake her up and offered her tea she was without any clothes i sipped the tea and sucked the boobs and also pressed one of the boob just to show pouring of some milk from that boob but it was just a joke we after taking tea bathed together and went out for picnic outside had food from outside saw 12 to 3 movie "LOVE AND LUST" it was story of two friends who have love and lust for one woman who won and who lost we dont know but i enjoyed the boobs of mi sister too much in the hall.
we came back and by the time we reached home Mukti was also there to greet us.
Mukti 22 years old bitch with 32 22 34 size medium type girl with sexy smile was to be with us tonite and I was planning to fuck her today. Both the bitches entered in the kitchen and prepared tea for MUkti and were enjoying on sofa and were sitting in front of tv watching some movie. Mi didi told me to fetch some good movie to be seen today after dinner. I went to market and brought one romantic movie and one blue movie for the bitches.
After the dinner was prepared and served by them we all three went ot main hall and started the movie. Mi didi enquired about the second movie. I told her that u people can seen alalone excluding me as i contains some horrible scenes. Mukti insisted that the movie will be viewed by we all three no one will be excluded.
So the movie stated i was sitting in between the bitches and was almost sandwitched between them as with every sexy scene they use to kiss me. Finally as the main picture started with man unjipping his female counterpart and fem,ale unjipping the male counterpart both of the bitches were trying to take out mi dick and i was slipping both of mi hand in the boobs of these girls was enjoying by pressing their boobs and making them wet(friends blue film is best for making one wet without any foreplay u can start and enjoy) both the girls took off mi pant and i was naked before them and were licking mi dick and rubbing it hard and it was going rock hard with their golden touch I asked mi sister to undress Mukti and MUkti to undress mi sister Both were obeying mi orders As the dress of mukti was off i was surprised to see the assets of MUkti hidden inside the clothes. Now i was not in mood to spare her and took her to bed and started caressing her thighs and wide opening her legs was kissing her pussy. Mi sister was a watcheron and tv was switched off and some music was puton. As i opened mukti legs a nice shaven pussy showed pinkish colored pussy, which excited me more then any other girl. I called mi sister and asked her to put mi dick on the pussy of Mukti to have shree ganesha of Mukti pussy. As i tried to enter inside the Mukti she cried loudly ..........and moaned like mmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhh
mmmmmmmmmmmmm please dont do it to me............. arre behanchod chod dal like abusive language was used by her............but i was firm to fuck her made a strong move and put inside her 6 inches of mi dick by tearing apart her hymen she started bleeding and asked me to stop for a while i pulled out and with some cotton cloth mi sister wiped the pussy of Mukti and I restarted Pusing and pulling from pussy Now Mukti was enjoying to the best. And within nop time we both came.
She did enjoyed the fucking and kissed me heavily first on mi lips then to mi dick. Mi dick was howing signs of reerection and prey was mi sister to whom i use to satisfy off and on and Mukti too enjoyed the fucking of mi didi. I was overjoyed by having Mukti.
The next day and night we did enjoy and Mukti left for her hostel in the early morning of Monday.
Hope readers u must have enjoyed the fucking and next will be a old lady of 40 who became mi prey with the help of mi friends and mi sister fucking by one of mi close friend we exchanged our sisters till then bye...............

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