Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meri Pyaari Behan

Hello friends I am Shabdkumar back again i wish to give u mi laststory as i am moving to USA I may not get time to subscribe to this channel hence please bear it with me.

I am living in row houses in a sattelite city in india and usually get chances in peeping into the houses of nebors. nce wat i saw was thru upper
(roshan daan )vetilator while i was cleaning it . Some voices from nebors house ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dheere se bhaiyya please dheere se main tumhari behan hoon dheere se karo na. This message was enough for me i peeped into the house and saw Parveen mi nebor friend was fuckling her little sister chanchal and the fucking was going on in true spirit and hardness probabaly as apeared from scene PARVEEN MAY NOT only fuck her sister up but may tear apart her pussy too as appeared from peeping he had good 8 inches long dick and her sister was too having good big boobs and nice body to describe. I came down and called mi sister from the kitchen where she was preparing food for me and asked her to peep up in nebors house. wat she saw was terrible. The bed was filled with bloodstainsd and chanchal was crying with pain.
I asked her to knock the door of chanchal and letus know and help herout.
She knocked their door which was opened by parveen in semi naked condition and didi went inside to see chanchal she was still crying but the voice was very low. She complained that Parveen has killed herout and eatenup her cherry. i didi consoled her and the white chaddar was replaced and dark bedsheet was lying on bed and she also applied some cream on the pussy of chanchal and consoled her by giiving her one glass of juice from our own house.
She was in now better position and their parents were out of city for next few days. she invited chanchal to our home and also was with her her brother Parveen. I enquired from Parveen why he was doing so.......afterall she is u r sister. Parveen replied I know how u ffuck u r sister off. Mi face become pale i never knew that people of mi area know all the things. But I controlled mi self and request Parveen to exchange the sisters for fucking tomorrtow daytime when mi mom will be out too. The day was fixed and the time was fixed
We went to their house and exchanged our sisters and asked Parveen to be first on fuck. She opened mi sisters clothes and after some foreplay started fucking her >He was making harder then me strokes mi didi was virtually moaning in top speed ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mara dala ahhhhhhhh mar dala. and WAS IN FEEL GOOD CONDITION and enjoyed every momentous of Parveens fucking. Parveen with his 8 inches long dick aND MAULING MI SISTERS PUSSY AND she the bitch was enjoying it properly (experienced girl) after around 30 minutes Parveen came inside mi sister pussy(it is really enjoyable to come inside) and both remained in the condition for another half an hour.
Chanchal prepared milk shake for them and both seperated.
Now it was mi turn to fuck chanchal. I was nervous as I am having 6 inches long dick and I take usually just fifteen minute to cum so i was nervous but i was being cheered up by chanchal as she said she was having fantacies about me and she masterbated for dozen of times thinking me so she encourged me and opened mi dick and started sucking it and within few minutes she made me to come inside her mouth.
But the things were not over but delayed it took anoither fifteen minutes to get erection again and i opening her legs placed mi dick on the opening of lips of pussy placed a big shot and half of mi dick was inside the pussy of chanchal. I was sucking her boobs but mi main concern was to fuck her tightly. So i spread mi strokes from slow intial stage to faster in the middle of fucking and superfast in the last stage which she was enjoying by lifting her butts in rythem the room was filled with nice music of fucking and taking around 25 minutes i came inside the chanchal cunt.
She enjoyed every moment of mi fucking and mi didi enjoyed Parveens dick we came back with promise to fuck eachone again in next days to come. until we fuck again it bye from miside....................

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