Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meri Makaan Malikin Amrita part 1

Hello Friends and readers of sexstories basically indians sometime stolen from foreign sex sites too but we love them too. I am Rohit from Chadigarh MBA working in a Multinational Company living as paying Guest with a small family consisting of a mother and a son, the householder is abroad and due to visa problems the family is here and living in south delhi. I was introduced to them by a local person having good relations both
with our family and their family too. I am on 5000/ pm all included.I am 26 five nine inches high with good muscular body and handsomest personality with nice habits. My landlady is Amrita Rao 45 , pleasing personality with grown up tits may be 42 or so and slender waist may be around 28 and bits not less then 44. An ideal and propotinate body Sexy looking face and inviting eyes. Thogh dark brownish or say blackish eyes long hairs upto bits(hips) flowing and she wears Saree and blouse Blouse showing cleavage and saree below navel. Navel studded with diamond like stuff while she goes out. She is wife of an army officer staying in some african country with non family visa with him.The third member is Pawan son of the couple he is living adjoining to my room He is barely eighteen lean and thin and a boneless man always taliking of woman. He is around five and six merely wighing about 45 kg not very plkeasing but looks nice lean and thin manther boyish look on hisa face is gone probably may be due to excessive masterbating. he has a computer in his room and is always glued to computer either chatting or reading sexstories or watching pron movies.My first day with them was good and I had to masterbate thinking of LandLady Mrs Amrita Rao thinking of her boobs(imaginations or fantacy)or of her navel and below which i have not yet seen but think to see it very soon.My load was split on floor which was cleaned by the housemaid by smiling face thinking of the same which i did and she murmured" lo ek aur aa gaya diwana" which i heard and smiled. She too was beautiful girl of substance. and (will appear in the later part of story) good girl with senses and she became my favourite as she use to come to my room very often whenever i was home.The days were going on very nicely and i was thinking of her and doing my jobs thinking of her. Suddenly one day I was invited by her on dinner (usually i use to get my food in my room either by housemaid or by son Pawan Rao) which i accepted very pleasely and aftergetting ready i visted her guest room to be served with the food of her choice(though she was food of my choice but i was not getting any chance to meet her privately or personally). She came to guest room wearing blue colored shiffon saree with very lowcut blouse andsaree below navel and was sitting just opposite to me showing large part of her boobs by sheeding down the pallu and showing herself as most informal in talking.She told me all about herself her family background/ her husbands job and his behaviour/ all about his son/ who was missing from scene and told me that all of sudden her son has gone to his nanas house and we two are all alone in the house. The food was being served by house maid who was staying late in the night. The first welcome drink light whisky she took light red wine herself. First peg was introduction thereafter it was on choice so i took another followed by another , SHE TOO TOOK ANOTHER PEG OF WINE FOLLOWED BY THIRD PEG. As i was not habituated for this I left the third peg as incomlete and she consumed the third fully. Then food was there I was of my choice nonveg. food so i like and took it in good quantity but she was insisting on fourth peg. I made for her and also for me too. I didnot consumed but she hurried consumed. After the food was over She invited me in her drawing cum bedroom where she started talking about her husband and how she feel lonely after his departure to africa.During the mid of talk she collapsed on the sofa due to drinking and i called the housemaid for assiting me in carrying her upto bed. I took her to bed and she was laid down on the bed. I sat there briefly the housemaid told me not to leave her alone or otherewise she will bcome violent please be with her and console her and hear her I sat there for a while. But the whisky on my head was too inviting me for be there for her help. I saw most of her private part was showing and tempted i took in my hand on of her boob and started pressing her boob by opening her blouse buttons she did not objected. Her saree was half open I opened her completely so she was fully in my arms.My increassding pressing of her boobs was making me hard too and i was feeling something stiff in my pant too and i was thinking if i dont open the fly it will be hard for me to open again so i unjipped my self and my hard fly was open and was showing signs of precum. I started licking and sucking her boobs and my hard manhood was finding the way to come.I opened her mouth and filled her mouth with my hardon dick and i was feeling just about to cum. Suddenly my dick offloaded the cum in her mouth since it was in litres so she was not able to consume the entire cum it showed signs of cumming from the corners of the mouth.

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