Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girlfriend's Invitation

My girl friend geeta call me so many time for date but, i was busy with my office, for few days i was out of city and then with fareedha yesterday night she call me at her home the parents of geeta was not at home and late she told me they are out of city for one night as sonia cousin of geeta is leaving on upper portion of there
house there for her family left her with sonia. Geeta call me at 9:00 pm i visit her house at that time she was alone in house and watching new movie "josh" she told me where you was in last week i explain her that i was busy in my job and for few days i was out of city therefor i cant meet her. She was wearing shalwar kamiz and her dress was very tight on her body and her boobs are flying in the air i put my hand on her boobs she told me wait wait its your you do as you wish but first take some refreshment she i told her i want to take refreshment from you body she smiled i huge her boobs and suck her lips she fallen in my arms i pressed her mumme (boobs) i told want to remove her kamiz but she told my not here let move in my bed room we reach in her room kissed each other i told her closed your eyes i remove her kamiz and then shalwar ufff she was wearing round kut bra ( there was a hole on bra at the places of nipple ) wow she was looking much sexy then ever i told her ajj tumm bohar must lag rahi ho she said its your love. I suck her nipple mean time she open my belt and the button of my shirt she was playing with my penis (lund) my lund was rubbing on her belly then i remove her bra the erotic smell was coming from her sexy body. She pushed my on her bed and starting to kiss the head of my lund she was not taking full length of my lund sucking only the cap of my penis its feel very good then she take full length of lund. She stopped the sucking and sat on my lund and take full length of my lund in her (cunt) choot which was very hot and wet she start up and down location and she was moaning loudly uffff ahhh and the fucking perfume smell was in the room her white juice was dripping on by balls and my lund was very wet with her juice then we change position i asked her for doggy style i told her rise you ass in the air she do so before putting my lund in her choot i clean my lund with her bra and then with a single stroke i insert my lund in her choot and with my both hand hold her buttocks and pushed and try to open her ass hole and which was like brown ring i stopped my movement and starting back and front her buttocks and she increase the speed of her pushes she was crying like mad fuck me jnoo chodo mujhe bohat din seeChoda nahi hai tum no yeh choot tumhare lund ki piasi thi phar do iss choot ko pahr do iss choot ko aour teez aour tezzz uhiiiiiii haaaaaa janoo tezzzzzz zor se chodo mujhe . Mean time we hear the sound of sonia she was calling " geeta kahn ho tum are geeta kidar gai tum and at on she inter the room my lund was still in her choot we pause our self sonia's eyes were shining and i saw a sex in her eyes she said "geeta tumher agar chudwana hai to kam se kam darwaza to band kar lateen mujhe pata hai keh tumhari choot lore kay liae taras rahi thi magar main abb kia karo mere choot me bhai agg lagi hoi hae asee kon bhujai ga. Geeta sad don't worry you can join us. Sonia went away and come back with out cloths she said i have closed the door now we can fuck fuck fuck for hole night as she was sleeping with geeta in the absence of geeta's parents.she was a great body but her boobs ver only 32 smaller then geeta;s but looks harder she laid on bed with open legs and geeta start sucking her choot which was clean with out hairs as she shaved today. Sonia was very hot now she was bagging pls javaid now fuck me put your lund in my choot now pls. Pls geeta you ask javaid fuck me hard geeta ask me javaid fuck her choot like me i insert my lund in sonia choot uffff kia choot theee us ki hoter and smaller then geeta she was crying javaid fuck my you have big lund than nadeem pls fuck me fuck me tear my choot phar do iss ko and no time she was ready to come she put her hand on my west and pushed to woard her Choot she locked my and with 3 or 4 pushes she release herself and sleep on bed with open leg and arms now geeta put my lund in her choot again and ask me to hit the inside her choot as possible i fuck her fast and now my juices are building and i was near to come she too came very quickly and same time i burst in her choot and pulled out my lund and put in her mount the combine taste of my and her own juice take by geeta and then sonia she was very impressed with my lund and she told me pls don't tell this one to nadeem.then we clean our self we have dinner together and then after dinner we chat for some time and then again the show was started the both remove the cloth of each other they start kissing and press each other boobs and play with each other pussy i was feeling some heat in my lion they both come near to me and start playing with my semi erect penis the both bitches are doing a fine job then they remove my cloths and sonia take my lund and geeta was sucking my balls ufffff what a pleasure both sucker are providing me there hand was in each others pussy sonia ask your lund is beggar then namdeem she told to geeta how this lund you take in your ass hole (gand). Geeta says abhi dikh lena khai kise latee hon apni gand me yes piara sa lora. Then she ask me to pls javaid fuck me in gand. I says okay okay baby its my pleasure.she sleep on bed i put 2 pillow under her belly her ass was flying in the air i ask her to open her leg she said pls javaid phele gand aur lore par thoke laga lo ta ke dard na ho. Sonia was watching the hole seen with enjoyment she looks on fire she put my lund in her mouth suck it little bit and then i order her to spit on the ass hole of geeta and i ask sonia to put her finger in the geeta ass hole she put her wet finger in her (gand) ass hole she looks very happy she told i love to finger in ass hole then she remove her finger and i put the head of my lund at the edge of ass hole and try to put my lund in geeta gand but it slip for 2 or 3 time and then it entered in the gand of geeta she cry slow janoooo ahista jan ahista dalo bhat dard hota a and hold her tits in my hand and then with 2 or 3 stroks i push my lund in her gand and my all the length of lund was now in her gand sonia was looking at my lund and says javaid tumhare loure ko geeta ki gand kha gai hai mujhae tajub hai ke itni see chote sourakh me Yeh itna bara loda kese challa gia i said its magic and now geeta start moving back and forth she was still crying janoo zor se zor zor se i push my lund deep in her gand and start pumping she now bnt on her knees due to this position her gand was become at the level of my lund and i push more inside her gand i now sonia too be came hot and required me to fuck her in ass hole too but i was busy with geeta then i put my lund and insert it in geeta pussy and with few stork she was ready to come and she came came came and came my lund was very vet with her juice now i told to sonia for doggy style that i can enter my lund in her gand she do so and i put one finger in her ass and then try to put my lund inside her gand but its not possible due to small hole i request geeta to bring some oil the she bring i applied on her gand hole and then with some struggle i was able to insert my lund in sonia gand she was crying ahhhhhh bas kara kia meri gand pharo gae me ne gand me nahi karwan bhar nikalo i was not in such mode i push furhter inside and with one hand i massage her mumy and geeta went down side and suck my balls and then sonia pussy due to this act sonia feel heat in her body and i start fast stroking her ass and now my lund was burning in her gand i was ready to come i said main chotne wala ahhhhhh geeta the bitch push my lund from sonai gand and put in mouth and sonia to came in this location and both chudakar suck me cock and with a loading pressure i cam on there face they suck my cock until my cock sleep.request to all gals/ladies please mail me on gutsy_guy81@yahoo.com

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