Monday, March 17, 2008

Girl loves to masturbate

I'm Trixa, and you know me from my previous stories. Something that I have not said so far --but you might have guessed -- is that I am a chronic masturbator. I maturbate whenever and wherever I get the chance.

There is something about holding my own clit in my hand and stroking it just the way I like it that drives me wild. But I also love watching other people masturbate - men and women. I consider myself straight or bi so I love masturbating off with guys - in real life,

or on the phone, or using a webcam. I love to think that someone else is listening to me cum. It turns me on so much to know that another guy is getting off listening to me, and I know how much it gets me off listening to him.
I'll tell the guy who I don't even know my most though out fantasies - stories that no one but me knows. I tell them about the places that I have masturbated - stories about how I've orgasmed off driving on the highway, and in the water at the beach,
and at my desk at my chartered accountant's work while there were people in the office. I describe how I hold my clit and how I sometimes even like to stick a finger up my ass right before I cum to make the feeling even better.
I tell my one-time finger buddies how I sometimes will masturbate before and after sex with my boy/girl friend, and sometimes in bed at night while she/he's sleeping. I'll talk about the times I used to shag off with my buddies while watching porn,
and how I sometimes masturbate so many times in one day that there is no lube in my cunt. I love being watched too. Sometimes I'll get online, turn on my webcam and start fingering, and accept dozens of invitations from people who want to watch.
I don't care if it's a guy or a girl watching me, or whether they are gay or straight, it just makes me so fuckin hard to know that they're all getting turned on while watching me stroke my meat. Sometimes -- when safe-- and in public,
I'll just pull down my pants and start stroking, waiting for the girls to gather around and watch me. They know I don't want them to touch me, or lick my cunt, but just that I want them to watch me. Don't get me wrong though, I love watching women masturbate too.
Unlike me, they don't let you watch very often though, but sometimes I'll get lucky on the internet. Watching them rub their clitoris, and stick their fingers inside of their cunt and asshole drives me wild. Sometimes, if I'm really in the mood to watch a woman masturbate,
I'll go into a chat room and pretend to be a wholetime lesbian - then talk some unsuspecting dike through the process of getting herself off.

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