Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting naughty with Anju

Hi everybody. My name is Rony of 20 yrs and this incident happened when I was doing my 1st year in college in cochin. My father's friend had come with his daughter to my house. She wanted to attend an interview here. Her name was Anju.

She was tall and brown skinned, had short hair and medium in size. It was her smile which was the most attractive. I had seen her when she was a child but now she was beautiful. She was 26 yrs old now.
That uncle had just one day off and so they slept in the house that day and went for the interview the next day. She had passed some rounds and they told her to come the next day. But uncle couldn't afford 1 more day leave.
So dad told him not to worry for he had to go via uncles's house the next day for some business work and told that he would leave her back. While my mom and dad were talking about their past, she came and started talking to me in the next room and asked me
why I was feeling very shy as though I didn't know her. She was very pleasant to talk to. The next day I took her for the interview as my exams as my dad told me to take leave from class. She passed the interview and when they asked her some papers,
she came out and told me she wanted the paper and I put my hand in the cover to take it out. Anju too put her hand inside without any intention. My whole body trembled. Skins were rubbing against each other for about 15 seconds and I was in heaven.
Only then evil thoughts came into my mind.She was about to go that day and I didn't even have time to seduce her. We came back home and she told she want to take bath and went to the bathroom.
My dad had told he would be at another station and I had to accompany her till there which was almost an hour's journey. There was only 30 minutes left to catch the train to reach my dad's station and all my hopes were lost.
Suddenly and idea struck me.I had another bathroom and I too shouted that I am going to take bath.She shouted back to come fast as we had little time and she had seen me taking bath for a long time the previous day. I told I had to the bath since I was going to travel.
My plan was to ask the towel which was in her bathroom. I had kept there knowingly. I waited till she started the shower and then I shouted her and told her to give my towel before she started taking bath ( I knew she had started ) and that I don't use anybody else's towel.
And since time was running out she din want me to wait till she finish taking bath and she opened the door just enough to put her hand out with the towel. By that time I removed all my dress and was naked.
As soon as she put her hand outside, I pushed the door and went inside. Oh my god, I couldn't believe my eyes, the whole body was so beautiful. I dint give her time to think.I went and hugged her before she could react.
I made her bend and put my penis into her mouth and she started sucking it slowly. But she suddenly stood up. I told her that time was not there and just enjou the next 10 minutes. She didn't know what to do and she was totally confused.
That was my luck and then I slowly inserted into her. I shagged her for around 3 minutes and everything came out. It was the first time for her. I told her to clean fast for we had to reach the station immediately.
I could see her crying for some time till we reached the station. I told her not to worry and everything would be fine. But now she has married and gone and I didn't want to disturb her again for she had given me all that she had and I was proud of that.

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